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hi to all

just wondering if someone could help me with my question

i am a sole trader trading shares i have a portfolio around 100k all trading profits and dividends go into my income. working through my tax, my income will be around 20k less 5k for deductions giving me around 15k taxable income. i understand i will either be on a fixed assesment or miniumn assesment working off 15k income. if you are on a fixed assesment are csa more likely to leave you alone than a miniumn assesment? also i have been reading about reason 8 having financial resources, assets,asset rich income poor  etc does anybody have a rough idea maxiumn child support i may be on if you have assets of 100k could they say because of your assets we want say 50 bucks per week because of an assets test etc or could they say ok 100k invested mite earn 6% so we deem you to earn another 6000 on your income. mother has income similar to mine ,she will have most care 1 child any help most appreciated thanks
              if you use the Calculator on this site (accessible from the home page) you can do the calculations. It's very hard as your's is very much a borderline
 case. e.g. the fixed rate is based upon an adjusted taxable income (ATI) of $14615 for 2010 (note that the ATI has other components, such as net investment losses). You should also note that the values change at least annually. We hope, and have for the past two years, to have the calculators updated with the most recent values before the turn of the year. The Calculator does give some explanatory information.

The level of care is also another factor. If you have 35% or more care, then the fixed rate doesn't apply. If you have 14% or more care then the minimum rate doesn't apply. Likewise the level of care affects the percentage of the cost of the child that is paid. At 14-34%, there is a 24% reduction, after which the reduction increases to be 50% at 48% care (the calculator displays this information, when show calculations is turned on and the mouse hovers over the ? to the right of the Percentage of Care row).

With regard to using reason 8, basically the CSA have a record of doing what they wish. You would very likely, unless the leopard changes it's spots, have to contest through SSAT and perhaps to court to get a decisions that is not most likely manipulated in contradiction of the legislation.

(Note the advanced calculator is the one that offers all the above features and is the one that can undertake the scenarios that the CSA's estimator is not capable of performing).


hi mike under reason 8 do you have any idea what figure they could come up with for child support on assets on 100k .i have no house asset so that is roughly all i own exept car etc i  never had a live in relationship mother was  a casual contact over 9 months i have rang csa and all they seem to say is they will look into what assets are earning  thanks
Clockwise, in short no; it would be far easier to say how long a piece of string is. However with 100k there must be limitations and I believe that 10% would be a very acceptable return. I think the best thing that I can do is say to look at some judgements and SSAT decisions. A good start may be Ladd v the Child Support Registrar. Here's a link to one of the discussions on that judgement (there's a link to the judgment itself) Financial Resources - SSAT decision set aside

Another two to look at are Voss and Ryan links to them can be found in this post (which also has a link to Ladd) Is full disclosure of income necessary? COA application Reason 8

These will go some to understanding how it's impossible to know what the CSA will brew up in regards to reason 8 decisions. Perhaps the best explanation is that some have termed it as "Deem and Destroy".

I would also suggest having a look at the home page as you might well be one of the person's that are wanted; as in:

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