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self employed paying $6.82 per week

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Could someone explain why a self employed person can pay only $6.82 per week in child support ?

Based on them being self employed and 50% shareholder in another company.

He was able to aquire a sole home loan of $ 430,000 on an income of $ 15,000. Aquire a $ 50,000 car, which he now values at

$5,500 yet can spend over $10,000 on car repairs ?

Obviously he would earn more money just being on unemployment benefits ? How does the CSA and ATO allow these people to get away with paying minimum child support for their children.
There are those who do not wish to support their children and will do anything to avoid the responsibility. Usually in a cooperative parenting approach these things seem to work out amiably however where one parent is not cooperative, and there can be a myriad of reasons, things don't go well. I wondered what has caused the set up such an environment and if contact is being allowed; because clearly based on the scant information, there appears to be some issues around payments of child support in this family.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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  Can't explain it, sorry. However if I was in your shoes I would push for the payer to have 50/50 care of the children. At least then he would have to provide more than the $6 a week he currently pays.

  Obviously FTB rates would be reduced/divied up for both parties instead of going to one, but as the children get older - they will cost more and the father obviously can't comprehend that the CS is for costs of the children. He probably sees it as giving his ex money - seeing where the money goes (and fast) will no doubt help.
There are so many possibilities.

Just because he is self-employed doesn't mean that he is earning good money, especially if he is in the process of setting up a business.  In that case, he can often make a loss.

As to the home and car - these are assets as opposed to income.  My ex claimed hardly any income (so insisted I pay school fees) just after she had bought herself $30k worth of new cars.  We suspected she inherited some money from some recently deceased relatives.

Have you done a COA?  
I'm interested in knowing the answer to this question too as I'm in a similar position. My ex husband and I have 4 children, who we share 50/50.

When we separated, he was a 3rd partner in a business with his parents - and still is. They paid him a cash wage each week. His taxable income for the first year of separation was approx $65k. In the years since, he has managed to dwindle that down to $8,400 p/a. He incurred a CS debt of nearly $6000 which was wiped clean when his income went down. As far as I'm concerned, if he earned that, then shouldn't he still pay it?

He's now remarried to a woman who has no children of her own and is a fulltime bank manager. They've taken 6 overseas holidays in the last 4 years. They've taken out a home loan and are in the process of building a rather large house.

In the meantime, I'm working casual hours, while I study full time at uni. I'm on my own and struggle to pay off my house. I earn a paltry $22k (+ family payments) yet it is ME that is paying HIM child support. (Isn't parenting payments meant to help you bring up your children? Why then, is child support deducted from it and given to him?)

No amount of COAs will get them to look at his lifestyle. No amount of pleading over the phone will get them to look into it. I have even shown bank statements of the cash amounts he was earning, to no avail.

If CSA advertise the fact that they have a taskforce essentially put together to look at these cases, then why aren't they utilising it?

I know each case is taken on it's merits, but this guy is leading a seriously wonderful lifestyle. When asked about his overseas holidays, he sayq "My Mum paid for it" or "my mother in law" or "my brother". For crying out loud! Pretty generous family, don't you think? Didn't pay for a thing in the 20+ years we were together, so why now?

Anyway, I've vented enough, thanks for listening! If anyone can give me some advice, I'd surely appreciate it!!
The CSA cannot take into consideration the new partners income as far as I know, only the biological parent.

In reply to the original poster, just because your ex runs a business does not mean he automatically earns a large income. The expenses in running a business can eat up all the income without returning a wage to the owner/operator.
I think the OP is asking how he can get a 50,000 car loan as well as a house loan while earning 15,000 a yr. sounds suss to me.
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