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I work part time. My annual income is $ 24,500. I am married and have another child. I understand that CSA do not take partners income into account.

What I don't understand is how the biological father has over $ 50,000 in personal expenses not business expenses and has an income of $ 24,495.

My husband and my expenses are combined roughly $ 50,000 a year and we have 2 children. He has no other children.

I have never denied any access to the father seeing his son, he chooses not to.

This person is self employed and also has 50% shareholding in another company as a company director.

I have also had a solicitor look at the information and he agrees that the payer has more financial sources and could contribute more.

To go to court would cost over $ 5,000.

I believe that parents both have the responsibiiy of caring for their children and $ 6.82 a week should be for people whom are unemployed not people who have of $ 50,000 in personal expenses.
Thanks for the very important information.  Now I can sympathise to some degree.

It is sad that your ex does not want to have involvement with his child.  Have you thought of attempting to discuss your concerns of the minimal amount of support that he provides.  There are other alternatives apart from going through the CSA.  As mentioned before it does not always have to be a monetary contribution towards food on the table.  It could be paying for the "extra additional bits and pieces" that can be quite costly.  Money is handy but so is support in other ways, trust me, been there done that.

As for your ex and his financial situation, unless you have or have had access to his financials and partners financials sometimes it is important to think outside the square.  50% shareholder in a company?  I am unsure what you mean by that.  But as for being self-employed there are many lerks and perks that Proprieters can take advantage of.  Although it may sound shonky, this is not always the case.  Self employed people are able to claim items that reduce their taxable income.  This is not against the law, it is a benefit that legitamately reduces the tax that they have to pay and let's face it, why wouldn't you.

An application to the CSA under Reason 8 can help you with that.  The CSA will add back in any items that have been a benefit to reduce the taxable income eg Depreciation, net property losses etc.  If this has reduced the ex's income considerably it may have an impact on the income when the CSA assesses the Child Support income amounts.  You need to take this into consideration when making comments about Taxable income.  If your ex and his partner are self emloyed, they may have this benefit.  Maybe this is how they are able to have a comfortable lifestyle.  I am sure from dealings in the past if the CSA ever thought there was anything "shonky" going on they would have reported it to the ATO.  So best off to stop going over the same issue in each posting and realistically take into consideration other reasons of how your ex and his partner are meeting their expenses.  You do not know what their actual credit facilities are at, what his partner had before they met and maybe she is contributing a large amount to the family household.  Once again, Child Support Assessments do not take into consideration the income of a new partner.  They may however, question how your ex is meeting his expenses and if the CSA were concerned they can ask this question and maybe expect him to supply evidence to some certain degree.

The loan that he obtained to purchase a home.  Do you have the evidence that this was the amount he actually took out on the loan or is it what you saw the house advertised for and have made an assumption that he took out that loan amount 100%.  Once again, you don't know the new partners input.  If they are living together I am sure that she would be contributing to the daily expenses of living and obligations of the mortgage in turn, increasing their weekly household income and reducing his actual weekly living expenses.

They could be up to their eyeballs in debt, living beyond their means, but that doesn't mean he has financial resources. (Very selfish when he should be contributing to his child.) Eventually this money has to be paid back.  It is not income. 

It is very sad that he does not contribute and I can understand it would be hard.The CSA will not listen if you keep saying the same thing over and over again without fact.  If there is anything shonky going on they will pick it up.  Put in a Reason 8, they need this to start the assessment process I understand. Explain all your concerns about him being self-employed and that you feel he has the "legitimate benefits" to reduce his Child Support contribution that should be added back in.  Very simple. But, my advice is to stop accusing your ex of doing wrong until you have all the facts.  Let the CSA sort it out.
Net losses are automatically added back in FTB and CS calculations and it's unfair to add back depreciation as this is a lawful deduction that assists people in affording to run a business.

Guest being remarried also has access to resources from a new partner. Perhaps Guest made a poor choice and found a partner with a low earning capacity. Guest could always work more to earn more.

The biological father pays $ 6.82 a week.

I have 100% care of my son. ie: food,clothes education,medical,dental,electricity etc etc. Cost way more than $ 6.82 a week.

They have done studies on how much it costs to raise a teenager.

At least I do the right thing by my son. My husband does the right thing by my son. But its up to both biological parents to do the right thing.

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I suppose it depends on what "Guest" was doing prior to the separation.  I do feel some sympathy for some people if their work capacity was to assist the family unit.  Maybe "Guest" was holding a part time job or self-employed with the ex in a business and had the opportunity to do the child rearing, house hold duties etc.  I can't be critical of the capacity of a person when this is what they were doing when partnered.  I say this because that was my partners situation.  This brings me to a bit more goss with the CSA past dealings.

When the Decision had come back from the SCO's, they had a crack at my partner for not working to his maximum capacity. He never had a huge income, was self-employed when married and was always there for the children, but the CSA suddenly expected that he "SHOULD" have been earning more than he was.  The first case officer referred to some stupid book.  How degrading!  You can't force people to purchase a product.  What did they expect him to do?  Engage in full time employment and as a sole parent look after the children week about. Living in the country, no child care facilities and realistically it is difficult enough to find a job let alone a job that pays double the income.

I feel that "Guest" is a little bitter towards the ex moving on. IF "Guest" comes back into discussion it would be helpful to register so that we can determine who is posting the comments.  Been a bit tricky trying to work out with other "Guest" comments.

Depreciation can be a huge deduction for some businesses and it actually can have a huge impact on taxable income, I suppose that is why it is added back, eg motor vehicles, machinery, new buildings.  Depreciation is  a financial resource and I understand the reason for it.

Maybe her partner is on a low income.  Still a bit sketchy on the story, and I am not sure if her comments were being posted for alternative reasons.  Hopefully the advice previously posted has been of assistance, don't seem to get the feeling she wanted any.
I am not bitter about the ex moving on. Again the ex can spend over $ 50,000 on PERSONAL EXPENSES not BUSINESS EXPENSES the business expenses are $ 70,000 a year. I feel sorry for my son.

I understand that self employed can reduce their taxable income to pay less tax, but I would ensure that I was contributing to my childs future.

Since 2003 this persons income has been less than $ 15,000 a year.

He has been paying $ 20.00 a week in child support and also getting into arrears.

Because of the decision of $ 6.82 per week they reduced his arrears and created an overpayment of $ 1,200 which I am to pay back. By interception of tax return.

This is unjust when its quite obvious to me and to a lawyer this person has more resources to help contibute to his child, but to go to court would cost over $ 5,000.

The whole sysytem is ridiculous. For the CSA and SSAT to come up with 3 different amounts is ridiculous.

The only thing I am bitter about is the CSA and SSAT process is a complete and utter joke. People can say what ever they like on the phone.

The only people who get hurt by it is the children.

So now the story starts to unfold. What you are now saying is he was paying $20/week but due his/your income amounts the child support payments reduced to $6.82.  You made it sound as though that is all he was contributing was $6.82 and that he was a horrible and irresponsable man for not supporting your biological child that you had together. NASTY.  This is quite a large difference.

To criticise your ex of his minimal contribution and be sarcastic in saying  that the amount may afford  sausages and bread on the minimal amount that he apparently was his choice to pay is quite critical.  It sounds to me it was the CSA that made the change of assessment which caused the arrears. This could have been because you did not tell the CSA about your income increasing, or that you began to work, not sure but not going to waste time on the CSA calculator to work it out.  It is not your exes fault so you should stop bagging him.  What are your morals! You made a post referring to the interest that the ATO would have in your ex's financial affairs. SHOCKING!!!  Honestly, you can not tell me it is just the system you are bitter with

Only now you say it's the CSA & SSAT's fault.  I previously thought you were appalled by your ex's contribution as it was his fault.

You obviously are not listening to what I said about his financial resources.  BUT I will write it one more time.

His Partner could be assisting, maybe she paid for the $420000 house from an aunt mary's, uncle bob's inheritance, whatever it does not mean that your ex's luck, windfall should provide a different Assessment amount

They could be living off of credit and beyond their means.  Once again, as above

HE could have won lotto.  Well, then it would be nice if he contributed more to his child.

Maybe his partner is on a very high income, you say you know but really, do you?  (You shouldn't know!!!)

Honestly, why should a Child Support Assessment be based on personal expenses.

Once again, Put in a REASON 8!! No wonder the CSA won't listen to you because you don't have any new information on what they have probably assessed your current assessment at.

Save some money and stop going to a lawyer to solve the problem.  CSA and SSAT are a free service.

Your ex's income only $15000 a year since 2003.  I suppose at least he is trying to work, I could think of easier ways to generate some kind of living that has many more benefits without busting my guts in self-emloyment .   When you were partnered did he have this income?  If not, make an application that he reduced his income.

Your situation is very sketchy, join as a member and you may have more than the 30 minute time frame to type in the whole story!

Are there any members out there that have any ideas to help this lady. Am I on another planet or too critical, if so tell me now and I will stop wasting my time.

For those people that have just clicked on this topic this has been a discussion from another topic in this forum. Probably need to look at both to understand the full story.


well considering this parent has had nothing to do with his son for the past 17 years by his own choice.

Before he was self employed he was a W2 worker and his income was $ 28,000 a year.

By his own choice has become self employed and a 50% shareholder in another company which he also sub contacts for yet does not know the income he recieves from this company.

The $ 20.00 a week contribution was far and few behind, this is why he was in arrears.

i wouldn't care if his partner was a millionare. He obviously had more financial resources to obtain a sole home loan of $ 420,000. Drive a $ 50,000 car.

Again I have always had 100% care. I have given my son a good education and at least I put his needs before my own.

The point is that CSA came up with 2 different amounts. SSAT came up with yet another different amount all based on the same information and the same legislation.

Obviously it depends on who you get and their qualifications.  Now if this person was unemployed then perhaps i could understand $ 6.82 per week.

I don't think I'm at all nasty $ 6.82 would only contribute to sausages and bread.

Why is  personal financial expenditure have  to do with anything why is it part of Change of Assesment ?

My morals are I support and love my children. I know I have raised my son to the best of my ability which is why he has been acepted into university and is a well balanced human being.

I don't know about you though. Obviously you feel its correct for self employed to contribute $ 6.82 a week in support.
$6.82/week, your son is 17. It probably has been tough, but still I can not sympathise coz you are not answering any questions in a specific manner.  How long has your child been without support. Does your child not want to have any contact with his biological father.  That would be terrible. Are you sure that the father is not supporting at all in any other way.

You and your son might just need to wipe your hands clean of him if he does not have hardly any contact or want to support him. SAD, but it happens that way.

Maybe to help contribute to the extras that your son might need your son could do a bit of work on weekends or apply for Austudy.  If your son is now old enough to look after himself you could go out and get a full time job.

The impression I got was that your child was very early teens.

Why do you keep posting the same comment over and over again? How about putting the time into answering the questions so that the full story is heard.  Sure you have the poops about your ex's "now" financial situation.  Maybe he won the $50000 car in a raffle.

Are you waiting for the ATO to read your comments to open an investigation into his financial affairs? Seems like that!

As for $6.82/ week, I would be happy with that.  But unfortunately that would have limited me to a loaf of bread and a tub of peanut butter as I have three children from my ex. I support my children, have 100% care and have never carried on about my ex moving on. He went into a very wealthy relationship, I didn't care, and i had no idea what their setup was, nor should have I. He was self-employed he was probably making more than what was showing on his tax return due to the benefits he could legitimately claimDue to several life events it has been an up and down situation with care and support. Most of the time it has been minimal compared to the actual expense of raising children 99%.

I am not on a huge income, self employed stay at home but the Government benefits I receive through the FTB, Health care card etc are put to good use to try and manage.  It is tough but come on.  Stop accusing him of something that you have no evidence to support your accusations with. Once again make an application.  Until you have told the whole story, I have no further comment.
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