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Relevant Dependent verses Multicase Allance? When She Separates?

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hi. I am probably asking a question for a guru of this forum…  

…before I go…I hate predictive text…foregive me….here goes….

Child lives with other parent…the other parent is (was) married and they have now two children under five.  

Three months ago, I find out that my child's parent "separates" with our child to another residence.  I have been advised that current contact arrangements with the other children is approx. Two nights or less per week.  

Why am I still paying higher C$ when there is not the same level of Daily care?

Both the other parents' are working in this instance …isn't it fraud if the other parent does not advise of the significant change of circumstances to C$A because I should not be supporting the other children on a daily basis, as projected under the  the relevent dependent chiildren amount (under the formula).

I seek commentary…and advice on C$A policy…
I'd suggest running the figures through the advanced CS Calculator available from the home page. You could then compare the two situations and also ascertain the underlying values  if you check the "show calculations" checkbox (RDCA = Relevant Dependant Child Amount, MCA = Multi-Case Allowance, MCCAP = multi-case cap).

I ran two scenarios where the parent that I believe reflects yourself has an ATI of $50,000 and the other parents have an ATI of $30,000 and the RDC scenario (other parent living with the third parent) and the annual CS was $4787, whilst the MC scenario (the two children live primarily with the third and have 104 nights with the other parent) the annual rate of CS was $4779. In both I had 0% care for the first child with the parent equivalent to yourself. So in this scenario there was a slight reduction in CS. Not saying that a reduction would always happen.
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