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Rego and Insurance

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The Car is still in my name - what can I claim

She disappeared with the car and the kids in June 2011.

12 months insurance was paid in Feb 2011

She paid 6 months rego in Sept 2011

I'm with RACQ so I started paying the Insurance monthly in Feb 2012

She refused to pay the Rego in March 2012 but continued to drive - so I paid the rego.

If the court ever seals our property agreement orders I'll be free of responsibilities of being the Registered owner of the Car.

Can I claim any of the Insurance or Rego via the CSA.

I've been taking a lot on the chin to keep the peace until the legal fiasco was continuing.
It's done now and I have to see if I can reduce my expenditure enough to keep the house.

your advice and experience is much appreciated.

why are you paying for things no longer in your possession? If she gets stopped by the cops, she will be fined for an unreg car not you.

stop paying for stuff you dont need to. If she wants to drive the car, she can pay the rego AND insurance.
Why ?

In the main judges don't look fondly at fathers that do things to detract from the children's safety and well being.

Now I'm done with the judges at least fro a few years I can move more "aggressively ".
Just wondering if I can recoup anything
Sorry mate you can't recoup anything. Best you just pay your child support and nothing else otherwise you had better get a steel chin implant!
why is it I can only reply once to thread instead of replying to several posts.
I can amend my own post either.

Anyway the main reason for maintain the registration of the car to this point was to remove transport as a reason for not appearing in court.
The court is not interested in how she gets to court. You'd better make the appointment to see the plastic surgeon.
Fairgo said
The court is not interested in how she gets to court. You'd better make the appointment to see the plastic surgeon.
No, it was self insurance to minimize my own cost.
Last minute adjournments waste a lot of my money and costs her nothing
It was about ensuring that I was the "White Knight" and when she did the wrong thing it was obvious it was her choice.

Now court is finished it is time to put the "amour" back in the closet.
I was hoping to possible get some amour maintenance re-imbursed - oh well.
It was an insurance policy that probably added nothing but the risk at the time was real.

This is the problem when legal aid is only on 1 side.
wabbit, the time for "nice" is over. The time for "real" is here.
cut off the slush fund. She will learn to adapt. Good on you for trying to do the right thing by your kids, she just used your good nature against you.

cut off everything that is in addition to CS. Thats what CS is for. You're already paying it.
wabbit, your being taking advantage off. she took off with the kids she wants to play RESPONSIBLE simply let her. if you want your car back report it stolen.
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