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Recovery of child support owed.

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Can anyone tell me what child support means when they say they are attempting to recover money through other means? I've been told as they are unable to arrange a payment plan they will be using other means through the debt recovery team. I have to this day not received any money's after numerous arrangement from the ex, saying he will stick to the payments through CSA.
It could be collection/recovery from:
social security pensions and benefits, FTB, Veterans pensions and allowances, tax refund intercepts, third parties who owe money, parental leave payments or via departure prohibitions orders.

The above are administrative enforcement actions. The CSA can also initiate court enforcement actions via the Family Law Act or via civil proceedings.
Thank you mikeT.
 Last I knew he was on no benefits, and works for cash. I just don't understand how they can recover money that is hidden, and if he keeps ignoring letters from them.
They said they will attempt to get a lump sum instead of payments.
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