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Receiving different information from different people at the CSA!

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Reason 8-the other parents capacity to earn?!?

One person tells me that we need to disclose DHs financials and the other person tells me there is no need to do so, as we are challenging her income and only if she cross applies, we will have to show DHs income? What's correct? I can't find the answer?

Reason 1-high costs of travel?

The guide says if the care percentage is regular, the only thing you can apply for are the travel costs, not accommodation. Now people gave me different calculations on this 5 percent rate. Could anyone explain this step by step? CSA officers tell me different things in compressing to the guide?!?!?

Another thing is, one CSA officer said that they can only investigate the exes income if we apply for a coa and another officer told me the opposite.

I seem to be getting nowhere here…

Next thing is, ex is likely to withhold contact to get the care percentage decreased and also does not agree to pay half the travel costs, despite her moving away. DHs income is to high to make the 5 percent mark (as far as the guide goes). The kids are 10 and 14. Mother has a 0 income (she quit her job 2 months ago). If so, we are looking to take this matter to court, as we don't think anything can be achieved in mediation (we give it a try obviously). Does anyone have any cases for me to look at? I would appreciate.
I don't have a 'case' for you to look at but I can tell you about my husband's experience.  We applied for COA based on reason 8 because we had information (from private investigator, facebook etc) that BM wasn't declaring all income.

We declared my husband's income (it's no secret - ATO gives it to CSA anyway) but we didn't write down our expenses.  CSA still processed the COA.  I wouldn't recommend listing your expenses as these can be used against you later.  Ie - if you are paying half the bills, CSA can ignore this and deem that DH is earning more based on his declared expenses.

As a whole, I can't recommend the COA process.  It's long, frustrating and ultimately a waste of time.  Although we had written evidence proving our case, CSA determined that BM was in fact earning less than her last taxable year's income (funny that when you write it all off on fraudulent expenses) and while they were at it, they offered BM a counter claim (without having to do any paperwork at all) to state that 17 yr old living with us is self sufficient because he's working and earning apprentice wages of $13000 per year.

Long story short, our payments went up from $400 per month to $900 per month for 1 child.  Now BM is taking 15 yr old who lives with her to the other side of Australia because she's on to husband/victim # 3.  Flights will be at our expense if the 15 yr old ever decides he wants to see us (highly doubtful as BM has filled his head with garbage).  As for applying for another COA, I don't dare.  Quite likely CSA would find another way to take more of my husband's money.

Do yourself a favour and pay up.  Think of it as a prison sentence with no parole.  Trying to fight the system only gets you a rap on the knuckles

Oh, and as for investigating the ex's income, forget it.  This is when CSA will tell you that they are just an administration system, not investigative.
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