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Having contact with many children, do you think that children could talk with their caregivers or social workers about abusive events if they are happening to them?

3.       More and more abuse cases have been revealed. However, they have lasted for such a long time, even up to 10-20 years. So, why can people know nothing about abusive events happening to our neighbours or even our family members?

Do they ignore or are scared of revenge or troubles which may happen if they report the offence?

4.         Is neglect one kind of child abuse?  What are common reasons of neglect?

Should punishments be applied in the circumstances?

5.       Is sexual abuse the most popular type of abuse?

The effects of sexual abuse are likely to have a major impact on children. What can we do to help them?

6.       Is physical punishment child abuse? How do we interpret that which one is physical punishment and which one is physical abuse?

7.       What is the government doing to support children experiencing abuse and the families of those children?

8.       Is home visiting to check for child abuse impossible and a waste of resources?

9.       How can social workers make sure that children are safe? What are steps must be taken?

What could they do if it is a real case of abuse?

I really appreciate your support. These explanations are invaluable. I hope that the public awareness about child abuse can help to solve the problem.

Thank you!!!

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