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For approximately 8 years my hubby was on a private agreement with his ex for maintenance. This was a private agreement and hadnt been lodged with CSA. On 6th August 2010, the ex cancelled the PA and went to CSA. Had no problem with that even if we did have to pay a little more. We are currently going through a COA (nasty business) and today received a letter from CSA with additional details from the ex. She is now claiming additional funds as the shortfall for what CSA calculated we should have been paying and what the private agreement was. My question is, if you have a private agreement where CSA is not involved, and particularly such a long standing one, can we be made to pay this shortfall?

Look forward to your responses.
Depends! If in the private agreement, you were to pay half of school fees or travel costs and the CSA assessment is similar to this agreement, then yes, as it shows the intention and ability to pay. Otherwise, if the agreement wasn't lodged via CSA and involves medical costs, after school care and similar things, then it's basically covered by CS. The ex can apply for a COA under certain circumstances, which you can object on.

I would need more information though, sorry. My hubbys ex just went through CSA, but we have the issue her quitting her full time job and lying to the CSA in regards to the level of care and recieving payments.
I suggest the answer to the original question is 'No'.  What is suggested is backdating child support to a period before the case was ever registered with the CSA, and that cannot occur.
I must have misread the question, though if you were enrolled with the CSA for a while after the private agreement, they can backdate areas for 3 months only, depending on the COA. So really, no otherwise. In saying this, if you paid certain things in the private agreement or generally in the past, they might make you pay for it on top of your assessment, like half half of private school fees. That was what I was referring to. I think I was reading to many posts. My apologies.
Did you have assessments from CSA still? This situation sounds similar to ours. We had CSA assessments, but DH paid above and beyond. He earnt more last financial year and the CSA assessment said he owed an arrears amount. Ex is trying to claim it through CSA, they won't touch it as it was a private agreement, but there is nothing to stop her going to court over it apparently (where we are now). We are just hoping that the fact she is $8000 in front and we have the proof will protect us.

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