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Post 18 yo CSA payments

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I am at the stage where my daughter turns 18 soon. From what I understand, this will mean the end of CSA payments. What is required?

Hi. I'm at the stage where my daughter turns 18 soon. From what I understand, this will mean the end of CSA payments. I am wondering what happens next? She is currently on a break from Uni but intends to go back next year. Does that mean I have to start paying again? If so, will it be CSA payments or some other form of payments? Will the payments (if any) be to the ex or my daughter directly? Are there examples of how much those payments may be?
 If there are any websites that outlines a parents responsibilities (paying parent in my case), I would appreciate a pointer.
    unless there are court orders to the contrary or some form of signed agreement, then when the child turns 18, unless an application to have the assessment continue past the child's 18th birthday has been made, then the child turning 18 is a terminating event and CS is no longer required to be paid.

If a parent applies for the continuation past 18, then CS can continue until the last day that the child is considered at school, the interpretation being made by the CSA that this is either the last day of term for the class that the child is in or the last exam date, the latest date being used. Note that such an application must be made when the child is 17 (a late application can be made if there are special circumstances).

If there is an agreement or court order then they would apply as per the agreement.

Obviously a parent may wish to assist an adult with further education, that would be between the adult and the parent, again unless there are orders or an agreement. I don't think that the CSA would have any power to enforce either a court order or agreement.

You may wish to refer to the CSA Guide (being wary that the Guide is not a fully comprehensive interpretation of the legislation, so you may wish to refer to the underlying legislation. The guide has references to the legislation).

Section 2.10.3 is in regard to terminating events. Here's a link to this section.
Section 2.5.5 is in regard to Applications to continue the assessment past 18. Here's a link to this section.
There is a wealth of posting and articles on the site here about this issue. :P

Go to the SEARCH button (top right) on the site.

Type in "child turns 18"

You will find the top forum responses well cover the answer.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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