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pls help!

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Hi, i just wanted to ask a quick question.

My ex-wife and i have shared care of both our children, 1 week at her house and 1 week at mine and half the school holidays.

I have recently received a new child support letter advising me that my ex wife must now pay me child support, as this has never been the case before, i am the one that has usually paid, i am concerned that when i bring this up with my ex wife she will tell me i cant have the kids week about anymore, is she legally able to do this? I have been having the kids week about for nearly 2 years.

Thankyou for your help
A quick answer through limited information and assuming there are no court orders in place is yes.

Please realise that this does not mean that there is nothing you can do there are option that can be pursued.

It would be up to you to pursue all relevant options to access time.

Remember this may not happen and you may well be able to agree upon a care arrangement without following a legal process to court.

It is always important to educate yourself as to how to best protect your childrens time with you and what may be possible before over reacting. There is a lot of preliminary work you can do in case the need arises.

One thing is for sure is that a decision to do this would not reflect well on your x partner especially if it is transparent and concerning money rather than the welfare of the child, if dependent on a judicial decision there is nor guarantee of outcome and it may work against your X.

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