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Penaltys still not remitted

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Penaltys still applied


Just recived summary of account, and suprise suprise the 25% of penaltys have not been remitted.

This was agreed with csa at the same time as agreeing to make a Payment plan of $30 per week.

Penalties now stand at $17.306.62.

I was straight on the phone to csa ( i am a designated person for my partner) asking why the 25% had not been remitted.

explanation given after being put on hold. Ah yes it was discussed but no action has been taken, but it will be now.

we will see.

Current child support owed is $42.968.62.

My partner has not submitted any estimates of his earnings or filled in any tax returns since 2005 so all the child support amounts since then have been detemined by csa.

He has been unemployed for most of the time.

We are slowley getting things sorted.

using the freedom of information act, we have recived all copys tax assessmet to 2004, child support assesments from the day his daughter was born 1992 and his son 1998 both these children are to the same mother. and the dates of when he was claiming benefits. court orders for care of the children.

He has had to fight every step of the way to see his children, courts, family and fedral, was granted 50/50 shared care of the children in 2001 children taken out of his care on christmas eve 2003 by the police because the mother was getting reduced centre link payments she decided that she wanted full care of the children……to get them back accused him of sexual child abuse with her  15 year old daughter by a previous relationship who had been living with him for 3 years full time because the daughter wanted to live with him and not the mother.

nothing ever came of the allagations because they was false, the girl was interviewed by the child protection unit and my partner was never interviewed. that was the last time he saw his kids. he lost every thing he lived for on that day.. and why because the mother would have lost benefit.

He has had six years of living with the thought of how can someone be so indictive to go to those lenghts because of money.

Needless to say he turned to drugs, depression, and not been able to hold a job for more than a few weeks.

he is now slowley turning his life around.

His daughter who is now 19 got intouch with him last week, and they met for the first time since 2003. earley days but he is taking it slowley.

6 years of tax returns went in last week.

one bit of information his daughter did let out is that the mother was being sued for money owed in a joint buisness and was due in court the day after she and my partner met. seems to me a bit of coinsidence that she would get intouch the day before mother goes to court., i wonder if she put a tax return in for when she was working, i doubt it she would have lost her center link payments.
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