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Can I claim anything via CSA

I've continued paying the MBF premium for the whole family since x-wife disappeared with the kids 9 months ago.
It $190 per month for the 4 of use.
I get a reasonable corporate discount.

Can this be claimed as a Non-Agency Payment ?
Do I ask her to choose:

If she wants to be part of the policy then she has to pay something.
Half would be good as that is what about what the same cover for single would cost.
If she does it smart she could inherit the corporate discounts.

Or do I accept 25% as there is no compulsion for here to have private health but it would be a good deal.

The worst alternative is to exclude her from the policy and save about 20%

Just take Ex wife off the policy- she has no business being there.

Leave the kids on if you like but whether its a non agency payment is debatable as priavte health insurace is not a compulsory medical expense- that is its not a direct medical expense to treat an ailment and no reciept from a medical practitioner etc. Look at CSA guide for further clarification.
You can only claim it as NAP if she agrees. I'm guessing she wont.

Take the 20% discount. She is big enough to fend for herself.
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