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Orders Seeking Departure of Assessment under section 118 and Orders Under section 112

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Where do I start?

I have been told by the CSA that if I want to have an assessment changed for a period longer than the 18 months that the CSA allows, then I need to seek leave from the court under Section 112 of the CS Act and seek Orders that depart from Assessment pursuant to Section 118.

This means that I will have to file an Initiating Application stating which orders I want and an Affidavit setting out the reasons I want the court to grant the orders and a Financial Statement. (Please someone correct me if this is wrong)

I really need help deciding which parts of my affidavit are relevant to the case, so I would look up the CSA's guide under sections 112 and 118?, and where else would I look because I am not sure that these are the only places to look.

If I post my Affidavit, when I am done, would this Forum be an appropriate place to get feedback or is this kind of help too personal? I will leave out all the names and anything that may identify the people involved.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :thumbs:
That sounds about right.

In your application you would need to seek an order for the respondent to file a form 13 too.

s112 outlines the procedure for making the application whist s.118 provides the possible orders that you can seek.

As well as the guide you should read the actual legislation from section 110.

Your arguments will need to be based on the C$A assessments made at the time in question and why you believe they are unfair including other circumstances such as yours and the respondent's financial situations. You only need to explain this in layman's terms.

I would be happy to have a read of your affidavit.
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