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objection to income estimate-success!

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We have just had a successful outcome. The OP lodged an estimate that was half their usual ATI. We submitted an objection that the figures were dodgey, and C$A actually investigated and found that the income had been underestimated. C$A added back on some missing income and we got our assessment amended.

Now the only hurdle we have is getting the OP to explain whey they quit full time employment.
We are awaiting an objection outcome. Op went from almost 80k to less then 20k, quitting full time employment. I think the only option is a CoA under reason 8 after the objection.
Bdouble, how long did the CoA assessment take.
sm10, It was lightening fast. i submitted some stuff online and got a result a week later!

I think estimate objections are quicker than CoA. I rang CoA team and they advised me there is a 4 mth backlog on CoA.

I'm thinking it would be better to wait till tax time when it will all come out in the wash anyway. I'm interested in your outcome.

Do you know if C$A contacted the employer directly or if they just accepted pay slips?
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