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I have 50% care and contact arrangement with xhusband have just received CSA notifiation that I need to pay him child support

For 4 years ago my xhusband and I have had a private collect agreement.  We have a 50/50 split on child care. On 28 March he advised me that he has requested CSA to collect money, breaking our private collection agreement.  He is seeking 3 months backpay and ongoing payments.  The CSA has calculated the child support on the 2010-2011 finacial year. That assessement has my xhusband earning 34K and me earning 64K.  The issue is this, (a) since February 2011 Xhusband has been employed permanently and earning more than me.  Prior to that he was unemployed having completed a PhD.  How do I know he has earnt more than me since Fenruary 2011; He told me that he was earning more than me (in friendlier times), his credentials are listed on his employers website, the position he holds indicates that he would earn either equal to or more than me-He is the "Head of School", I am and AO5 in the public service.  So I am reasonabley sure he is not earning half of my income. I have asked him to update his income details with the CSA, Nope.  I have told the CSA and they have advised me to put in a COA, they have said that to lodge an Objection form will not have any effect because the Tax assessment is correct.  Can anyone else see how stupid this is?  I have received a bill from the CSA asking for $1500 in backpay and ongoing $340 a month child support payment.  Let me restate this, we have 50/50 care of the kids, week on week off arranagement, He earns more than me and has for over 12 months. To stop him taking money he does not need I have to complete a COA, and in so-doing tell him everything about me, and to add insult to injury, the COA decsion can take up to 8 weeks, in the meantime I will still have to pay him, and from what I have read I will not get that money back.  Does anyone have any words of wisdom….please…the frustration is killing me
If you dont have your 50/50 care in writing (court order/parenting agreement) get it.

You can provide C$A with proof of his earnings, or work position/location. You could also ask that they contact his employer to confirm his salary.

If you lodge a CoA, i have heard from others on this forum that you dont have to be detailed re your expenses. A basic outline of what comes in and a general overview of what goes out.

Thanks bdouble. The 50/50 is court ordered. Does anyone know if putting in an objection to a decision means they stop trying to collect?
No they will still want money while you go through the CSA process.

CSA can contact employers and also demand pay slips. I'd be asking them to do this in the COA. Give them details of where he works & the average salary for his position.

When my OH did his last COA, he was confident we would win. So we reduced the amount we paid to what we thought it would be when we won the COA. He incurred a debt, but once we won,they calculated back 5 months to when the change happened and wiped out the debt he incurred. Easier to do it that way, then pay too much and never get it back.

What reason did you use for your CoA? I'm contemplating a reason 8 CoA against the other parent, but I'm concerned about the bias C$A shows to lives-with parents.
Thanks Frenzy, does anyone know if you can negotiate the amount of money you pay.
C$A dont negotiate. Thats why we are all on this forum.
Ok, I get it, I will pay a token sum, and then hope it all gets backdated. Frenzy, I appreciate your insight. I can't believe how biased the CSA is toward the payer. When I first got the notice that I called them up expecting to be given some guidance as to my rights, the right to reply, object, the right to a new assessment. I was told clearly- you have no grounds to object. The tax return is gosble, pay up. I called back and asked to speak to the assessment team and I got a much more helpful response and was told about the COA. Ive been a public servant my
Whole working life and my experience tells me that the CSA is structured so that claims, collections and assessments don't talk to each other. They cannot see the case in its entirty. No wonder people are killing themselves, it is an intrusive, uncaring, inflexible process.
BDouble - you can only negotiate debt repayments, my OH had a debt at one stage, he negotiated with them to pay it off at $40 pw. You incur penalties for debts, but once a debt is paid out they will remit the penalties if asked.

Our COA was when my OH changed jobs. His income halved, so the ex tried to get him on a capacity to earn, We couldn't afford to keep paying the $1800 per month based on his old wage, so just paid the $400 that we estimated he should be paying based on his new wage. It meant incurring a 5k debt + penalties during the COA process but once we won they altered the debt.

As we were paying something during the COA process, there wasn't much they could do, other then ring and hassle us. We new if we paid the old amount, even if we could have afforded too, we would not get it back and would have to fight to get it credited after we won the COA.
drhuge - If you and the ex have similar level of lifestyle you should find a good accountant and / or financial adviser and get advice on how to minimise your taxable income. You could get into another relationship, reduce work to his income and have another baby and that will wipe out the child support liability.
Frenzy, thanks for the info. We would be happy if the OP would just work, never mind changing jobs……

Ive posted on another thread about considering a CoA, but i think ill get burned if i do it. I dont trust C$A to look hard enough at the OP. I believe they will go over my finances with a magnifying glass instead, which will result in an unfavourable outcome. Not that im doing anything dodges, i just dont trust them to treat me fairly.
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