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Non Agency Prescribed Payment Percentage

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Hi All,

Does anyone know whether CSA, the Government or anyone else responsible for implementing changes to the Child Support Act are looking into increasing the percentage rate for NAP? If not, is there anyway of lobbying (someone) to get them to do so as the rate has been at 30% since 2006 (I think).

Most other things seem to get indexed each year so I wonder why this percentage doesn't (no doubt someone on this forum will provide me with a reason :-) )

              the NAP rate is basically to protect the recipient from not having a regular income (i.e. it ensures that the recipient always gets at least 70% of the assessed amount). I'm not saying it's right as there is no equality in regards with preservation of a liable parents income to ensure that they have a steady income. Which can be negative when the CSA dig in their claws. In my opinion there should be a defined, indexed, minimum amount of support linked of course to FTB payments received and also, as such amounts are basically enforced loans, amendments to take into consideration the potential loss of use of the monies. The same interest rate that the Government applies to late amounts should be applied.
Thanks MikeT
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