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Not receiving any money

The CSA have calculated that I should receive a whopping $29 a month.  My daughters father has not paid ANY money and the CSA tell me they can't do anything because they cannot find any income source. Wonder how he pays his rent? petrol? groceries? bills? No tax returns lodged for years. mmmmm If I did the same I would probably be in jail! - How come some people get away with it. I do feel sorry for the decent people who want to support their kids and are paying %'s of their rather large wages, but I am only asking for $29 a month and not even getting that!
I know how you feel and have had to put up with this problem for a long time now.  It is very frustrating and unfortunately not a lot you can do.  I know it is not much comfort for you but there are a lot of people in the same boat.  I actually have a child support assessment as $0 a month because my ex does not earn an income.  I also would like to know how my ex pays for housing, food, petrol for his sports car, a packet of cigarettes a day and his nice designer clothes???  Hmmmmm perhaps that money tree at my old house has finally started producing fruit!!! 

I would also like to mention that while we were doing week on week off (while he was battling me in the courts to have the children 100% of the time) I had to pay him child support as I was the honest one that worked while he collected the single parent pension etc while still collecting his money under the table (or perhaps picked off that tree out the back) In the beginning I refused to pay it as it made me wild because it was me that was paying for all the childrens school things and exercusions etc and their clothes and all their social things.   But in the end they treatened to take it from my salary so I had to give in and pay it.     But I have to say karma came and got him because he did not get what he wanted in court and actually got even less time with his children and now chooses not to see them at all (but that is a whole other story) 

But seriously as much as it would make you made and it is totally unfair, from my experience the only thing you can do is to just move on and support your children the best you can.  If you stay angry about it it will just eat you up inside. 

Good luck!!
Guest - You have not provided any reason why you should receive child support from the father.

I can assure you that you would not end up in goal for non payment of child support as stats from the C$A show that women are generally the biggest offenders when if comes to non payment of child support and nothing is usually done about it.
Fairgo said
Guest - You have not provided any reason why you should receive child support from the father.


To Fairgo - Why should they? We often get to see the otherside of these CSA cases; not all fathers are pure. As to the guests post: sometimes the CSA cannot be bothered if the return is not worth the effort.


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Well said Monti!!  You are right not all fathers are pure nor are all mothers pure.  Unfortuantely we hear so much about the parent that is not doing this and not doing that.   What about us parents that are doing the right thing and even doing the other parent's part and yet not only do we not get child support but also we do not have the right to make major decisions even though we are basically the sole parent.  Joint parental responsibility ……… hmmmm my definition of this is you have the right to make all major decisions for your child but you dont have to bother to hep pay for the expenses or even bother to spend any time with them or even make the effort to make a birthday call.  It's a joke if you ask me.

And as for child support not being bothered - yes I totally agree but the people that work there can only do what the legislation allows so again not much that can be done. 
Mumof4 said
And as for child support not being bothered - yes I totally agree but the people that work there can only do what the legislation allows so again not much that can be done.

I'd dispute that, on the whole they do what they are told to do by those who oversee them, which is far too often not what the legislation says or intends.

I believe the legislation only allows a very limited sphere for not collecting due to it not being economical to do so. The guide says this "CSA must pursue recovery of all registered child support debts unless they are uneconomical to pursue or not legally recoverable." It then refers to the Financial Management and Accountability act. Even then the debt is not discharged and must remain on the register. This I believe, unless the matter has been fixed, which I would have thought I would have heard of, results in the register including the debts of the deceased. Thus the 1 billion owed in arrears has a substantial proportion that is owed by the dead and is legally irrecoverable, it is further reduced by debts the are irrecoverable due to other reasons.

These are some of those reasons :-

A debt is legally irrecoverable if:-
CSA has taken all reasonable action to recover the debt, but has not been able to collect it,
A court is likely to rule in favour of the debtor in enforcement proceedings,
A payer has a child support debt payable to CSA for a period when the payer and payee had reconciled, but the payee did not elect to end the child support assessment during the period the payer and payee lived together,
A debtor owes an amount that formed part of their provable debt in bankruptcy, and has now been discharged from bankruptcy.
The debtor resides in a country which does not have reciprocal maintenance arrangements with Australia, and the payer does not derive any income or hold any assets in Australia.

If a debt is to not be pursued, then the payee will be advised however the payer will not.

I understand that the more likely reason for a "not bothered" type action by the CSA, is due to the pressure placed upon staff to meet targets and short-cuts then being taken. One example of such a short-cut is the requirement to contact a parent three times before some actions, this results in some staff ringing the same number three times within a matter of minutes, to tick the "I tried to contact the parent/carer three times box". I also believe that there is a great deal of pressure (i.e. their supervisor is automatically warned by the system), the the staff member spends more than 2 minutes after a call writing up the screen notes for that call. This is not a legislated measure but an administrative decision.  I understand that the game of "pass the intray" (cbyer pass the parcel) is also played a lot (an intray I believe is action or actions to be undertaken on a case).

There are many reasons why a person may not pay anything in the way of CS. In my situation it is because that has been agreed upon, although due to other reasons that could well be the case anyway if an application were made for CS assessment.

If a person is on income support, or that they have a genuinely low income and are not on income support and that they have 14% or more care, then they will have no CS liability.
If a person has over 65% of care, they will have no liability, even if they should.
If a person has relevant dependants a reasonable income, then the cost of the relevant dependant children can negate their child support income (eg. 1 parent earns 40k, has the 1 CS child for 65 nights care, also has 3 children from current partner, whilst the other parent has 300 nights care and an income of 68K then the result is a no payments).
The above example is also made up of other factors that can result in a no payment scenario, where in fact the parent with the greater amount of care would pay CS, but as they have over 65% of care then no payments are made.

This 65% care cut off point , as with the 14% cut-off point can result in what could be classed as an effective rate of over $3,000,000 in CS. That is for a 1 night change (from 238-237 nights), the parent with this care, if on an high income (say 170k) and there are 3 13+ children, would pay $0 for a care level of 66% (238 nights) and $10,0017 for one night less care, if applied on a per night basis that's effectively $3,656,205 per annum (based upon 2009 amounts). There's also another similar scenario when crossing the 14% threshold however it's the parent with less care that can paying a considerably different amount for a 1 night change.

As such I can understand why Fair-go pointed out that it's hard to comment when factors have not been provided. Fair-go is also correct in saying what he has in regard to women being the greater offenders. Figures that were released by the CSA in a report to FAHCSIA revealed that something like 40% of fathers do not pay or pay on time (this figure often being quoted by the two Joe's (Hockey and the other one)), whilst the report also revealed that mothers do not pay or pay on time something like 60% of the time.

It should also be noticed that some of the processes that the CSA utilise actually result in payments not being made on time, perhaps Secretary_SPCA would like to say whether this issue brought up at the NSW stakeholders engagement meeting, (Feb or March I think), has had any action taken. Perhaps a request at the meeting could, after this factor has been removed, result in the provision of updated statistics with regard to the distribution of arrears and late payments according to gender.  

I've also noticed through the years that many of the fathers that I have met who end up having the right to claim for CS have not done so. I believe that there is a gender biased societal influence that tells mothers that they have the right to receive CS and to not pay and that fathers should pay CS and not receive CS. Perhaps very much enshrined in the provider/provided for path that has allowed the human race to get where it has in the survival race. However I'd suggest that if there are those that wish to discuss this do so in another topic and preferably one that is in Hyde Park (Forums/General/LET OFF Steam Venting area and Hyde Park corner).
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