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Next move please?

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Not sure of my options!!?????

New to this site actually wondering if anyone out there has advice?

Without giving out to many sensitive details the short version is this:

Ex husband owes lots of money in arrears (thousands) but just hasnt paid in the last couple of years!

He now puts in an estimated income for the next six years of $0.00  no tax returns will be completed. He asks CSA to work out his CS based on a dole figure…….   They do system checks and find out he is no receipt of the dole, disability, carer or child benefit with the government……………………….  They have to see if they can consider his proposal.

I do know different to his situation but am absolutely astounded that CSA wont do more and as to why they are considering this proposal WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHILDREN?????????

Some one help me with advice??
CSA have a capacity to pay team created on the basis of such cases.  I would, in writing, ask them to refer the matter to these folk.  When they don't act on it, go to the Ombudsman.
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