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My Child Support - can they help you deal with CSA?

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An organisation of ex-CSA staff that helps fathers in dealing with CSA

Has anyone had any experience with an organisation called "My Child Support"?

Apparently they are a group of ex-CSA professionals (not lawyers) who can help you deal with the CSA because they know how the CSA really operates.

If you have dealt with them, can you supply some feedback? Were they worth it? Did they make a material difference to your outcome? Would you recommend them to someone in a similar position?

Do you use them instead of a solicitor, or do you still need a solicitor?

Also, do you know of any other similar organisations in comparison?
I haven't dealt with them, nor would I, not would I advise any person to.

I'd suggest that they could give no better advice than that that is made available here. In fact the advice here is at no cost at all, although donations would be greatly appreciated.

I'd also suggest that their website provides the greatest clue as to their motivation. There is no information, bar contact details, that is specific. Funnily enough, not at all dissimilar to how the CSA (1).

They say "We save clients thousands of dollars annually. Here for example, one person, in the last few months, has put a stop to approximately $60,000 being classed as child support income when it should not have been. It is also highly likely that subsequent savings will be made for others as the CSA(1) have been proven to have acted as an anarchistic organisation by the way of inventing the existence of legislation and using that to pervert the course of justice by then applying unfair and unjust decisions on the basis of that non-existent legislation existing.
1 The CSA as such doesn't exist now, there is the Child Support Program within the Department of Human Services. (something that My Child Support doesn't appear to be aware of. Perhaps yet another hint as to their worth)
I think it is best to dig deeper, research for reviews, and ask more questions about them. Child support requires legal assistance, and asking from people who are not lawyers may not be the best course of action.

Ripped off by MyChildSupportAgency is not helpful at all.
Not at all,
All they can offer is fake promises and charge exorbitant fees equivalent to lawyers without being lawyers.
Please avoid at all costs
Do not contact them
Absobloodylutly,  be very wary of pop up services until you do the research. Who knows they might be from Nigeria and that again is another story. Scam comes to mind
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