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Multiple CSA complaints

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What is the best way to lodge multiple complaints to CSA

I have a couple of questions regarding complaints to CSA. Thank you to those who have already given advice.

1. I have multiple complaints with CSA.This includes multiple often from the one phone call.  Is it better to lodge one complaint which compiles the entire list or would it be better to lodge individual complaints for each circumstance.

2. Is there a time frame between an 'event' with CSA and the time allowed to lodge a complaint.

The second question I've asked as in the past for example, on one occasion I was told by CSA that they are always right, yet they were wrong. On other occasions they have told me I couldn't do something about reviewing my financial circumstances, yet 10 months later I was advised that I should Look at a change of assessment.
I think you should break them up sensibly and C$A have to respond within 28 days. You should complain straight away if you are not happy with anything otherwise you may not be taken seriously. If they don't get back in 28 days contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman and they will help you out.
You can put as many COA's in as you like when ever you like. They can only say no.
I agree with Fairgo, make multiple individual complaints. I have little doubt that the CSA would not separate and then report a list of complaints against them as a number of complaints. If they do not address the complaints in the 28 days, then make another complaint about each complaint not addressed.
I have recently lodged separate complaints against the actions of an SCO and an Objections Officer with requests for details of the mathematics they used in their decisions and requests for them to explain how their decisions were fair and equitable.

Instead of separate complaint responses, I received on letter stating that the officers had done their jobs properly.
The SSAT decision I just received for this case indicates that both officers did NOT do their jobs properly. (Assessment set by SSAT is 1/4 of that set by CSA)
So now I'm working out whether to pursue the complaint further with the CSA or take it straight to the Ombudsman.
I also have several complaints in with CSA currently, not suprisingly I the one am paying child support. One of them includes where CSA have told me that no child support was outstanding, only to find out several weeks later from my ex wife that I am "behind in child support payments"

I feel CSA continually abuse their power of authority and frequently drive greater conflict between the two parties than previously existed. When I asked them to call the other party to apologise that it was them that made the mistake rather than me, they refused.

With the number of complaints I have had with CSA over the past 6 months I am thinking of taking them to the ombudsmen.
         I would always suggest informing the ombudsman, your local Federal MP and the MP (currently Tanya Plibersek, contact details below). It is very clear that little will happen if you simply complain to the CSA, they will perhaps correct errors however they will rarely if ever implement procedures that could reduce or eliminate such errors happening. Thus I believe you have to make others aware of the extent of the problem and get those who control the CSA to make them change. Sometimes the media may also be interested which is also another contact that could be considered.

Tanya Plibersek Contact Details

Parliament House Contact
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Tel: (02) 6277 7200
Fax: (02) 6273 4406

Electorate Office Contact
Broadway Office:
Location/Postal Address:
150 Broadway
Broadway NSW 2007

Tel: (02) 9379 0700
Fax: (02) 9379 0701

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Link to the online submission form
Complain by facsimile, and keep the receipt.  They do not reply to complainst as a matter of course.  Insist they do.  If they refuse, write a polite note to the ombudsamn outlining your case and treatment.  This lot won't be around much longer if everyone airs their grievances.  
Since the most recent re-structure of C$A they have not been very attentive to written complaints like in the past, so I had to ask the Commonwealth Ombudsman and Minister to intervene. The Ombudsman was very helpful and actually talked to me about it where the Minister only referred my letter to the C$A. In all cases the issues were then resolved.
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