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Multi case allowance ?

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Hi its me again,

Today I  received a C$A re-assessment dated 06JUL10, after filing my 07/08 tax return. My last re-assessment was received dated 09Jun10. There is a distinct difference as she now has a multi-case assessment deducted from her (adjusted Taxable income) applied to the years 08/09/10.

What is this multi-case assessment for ?

Why would this now appear on all the preceding years and the change occur in only a month between assessments.

My reading of C$A is that this is for people who have multiple child support cases.  Is my understanding of this correct ?

If this is the case then the only other person she could collect Child Support from is her current partner whom she is living with in a relationship and has children with him.

 :( I am smelling a rat and as per usual I am the poor bunny who has to make up the difference yet again

Multi-case allowance is as you say, for situations where a parent has multiple child support cases. That is they are the biological (or adoptive) parent of a children of separation who are of another case.

For the multi-case allowance to apply, the other parent in the case that you have described would have to have applied for CS for the other children. Whether or not this would be of benefit to the other parent is complicated. For example if the other parent's taxable income is below the self-support amount, then the cost of those children will be $0 and thus make no difference to CS, whilst if the other parent's income is above the self-support amount then would be a cost of the children and thus a multi-case allowance, however this would be offset by the difference between the children previously being Relevant Dependant children and now multi-case children.

What is worrying, is that the CSA have very likely erred in applying this to previous assessments. I would suggest that you should contact the CSA to clarify when the change from Relevant Dependant Children to Multi-case children occurred.

You could use the Advanced Child Support calculator, available from the home page, to determine if there is an advantage to the other parent. If you believe that the other parent is still in a relationship then I'd suggest that you report the parent using the Centrelink reporting purposes, as there would likely be a greater financial advantage and thus rort of Australian taxpayers, from this aspect (e.g. obtaining single parent payments and additional Family Tax). The CSA are well known for their lack of action in this regards even though such inaction is a clear breach of APS guidelines even though, I believe, they were brought to task over lackadaisical fraud reporting.
Thank you for such a detailed answer. On Friday I rang CSA to enquire as to what Multi case allowance was. I did not give my details at this stage as I was just after an explanation, however the person I was talking too did not really have a clue.

As I have a good relationship with my ex, I will discuss with her as to what is going on as it reduces her income for the CSA calculator and therefore increases what I have to pay. I beleive it is an attempt by her partner too reduce the CS he pays for his other two children that he has no care of.  Thats the Rat I smell.

I will keep you informed to the outcome.
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