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Learn your job-should I complain?

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Why can't child support officer be able to read a bank statment whose job it is to review

I was days away from having a COA phone link. SCO's assistant rang me and informed me that it was likely that my case was to be rejected (this being around a week before assessment). I asked him the reason. He said my bank statements; which I itemised and showed that I was paying 80% of our joint debt;  were only in my name, then it made no difference as I was paying my own loans. He told me that there was no evidence to say that the loans were in both names. I wasn't near a bank statement and all I could do is reassure them that it was a joint loan. I told them they can get an exact copy from my ex which would show the same details. They told me it was up to me not my EX. I spent some time trying to convince him as I knew my Ex would not produce evidence if she didn't have to. I told him I would try to get a letter from the bank as proof of the bank accounts. When I got off the phone I found the file which contained the bank statements which I had sent to this bright young assistant. When I looked at the bank statements they all had BOTH names on the statements, But - they had my name on the address. Seriously, my kids have been able to pick an account holder off statements. The lives of my children are in the hands of these people.

Is it out of place to expect a higher level of competence from those with the power to destroy families?

Is this worth pursuing as a complaint?

PS they say I have been 'leveled up' for a few months to only have Senior officers look at my case. This has made no difference to my situation; possibly a bit more arrogance from one of my SCO's. They play good cop, bad cop.

Does this elevated attention from CSA have any benefit or is it to keep me in line.

Thanks again for all the feed back
You will have to object to the decision and show where they were wrong. If this is unsuccessful then you will have to appeal to the SSAT. If you are still not successful you can appeal the SSAT to the court on a point of law being that the procedure was not fair, and also complain to the Commonwealth Ombudsman and they may intervene.

If you have to attend any hearings or meetings in person and you suffer any $$$ loss of any kind or have costs to deal with the appeals, keep records and when the above process is over and you have been successful, put in a claim to C$A for defective administration and you should get your $$$ back after about 12 months.
"leveled up" is an interesting concept.  I have been there as well and had my case officer thank me for teaching her the principles of sound adminsitration and a thing or two about the privacy law of the land.  

The reality of this mob is you have to stick to your guns on every point.  
As a public servant of a similar agency, I can advise that most likely more empthasis is placed on a C$A worker in their training processes to practice non discrimination and that all they are relyng on for dealing with your assessment is a localised database and emails. Whether they use these or not is a different ball game…
  I gave up on chasing my ex for a settlement on marital debts as they were around the $40,000(not inclusive of interest) mark, so low enough that legal fee's would have only increased the burden with the suggested win..
  We did call conferences with the Relationships Aus to draft consent orders for CSA and whenever financials come up, my ex broke into tears and her part in the call was ended. I was hoping to write in the orders that she would accept the offer of $5,000 in fortnightly installments of $25, only to be told by the mediator that she should be given that as a gift "to do her hair and other stuff that makes her happy".
As said, stick to your guns, and gain as much info as you can…
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