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The payee didn't work septemper 2011 - December 2011, rang CSA to give them an income estimate of 15k from january-july. CSA put the income as 15k to calculate cs. Her annual wage would be 30k therefore and as outlined in the guide, they should have used the annual estimate? CSA plays dumb. What can I do? Dealing with them becomes a joke. They refuse to correct it and bsckdate it to January. Am I incorrect?
Sorry mate,if she didn't work forthe first 6 months of the year then her income is just that of the last 6 months, or $15000. How did she support herself while not working? That income has to be taken into account as well.
She did work july, august and half of september and otherwise lived of her boyfriend. The income for July to mid September is above 15k anyway. CSA ignored that. She used to be on almost 80k per year before quitting work mid September.
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