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How To : claim school fees

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Where do I look for how to do things

My x-wife keeps passing on to me school bills.
Speaking to her is not an option - a separate problem
My little boy has just started Prep at a State school.
Till now the have been inconsequential.

Now they are getting size able.

What is the best process?

I've heard about Non Agency Payments and Prescribed Payment but I'm not sure how to do it or where to find out
(sorry about the bold cant turn it off)


Sorry if thee is some where else to find it but this is my first night and I'm just sorting out how to drive this forum.
Wabbit, State Schools do not have fees as such. If you are paying her child support, then the money that you pay her is deemed to be sufficient to cover any incidental school costs.

Now if the child were going to a private school, then that is a different matter. And if she wanted you to cough up money for those fees, then you would have had to agreed to the enrolment prior to the child starting school.

Don't pay the bills, they are not your bills, but hers. Don't worry about trying to go NAP or PP, just pay the assessed rate of child support.
Wabbit, you can try a Prescribed Payment but only if you less than 14% care. It will come off what you owe her in CS.

Here is what CSA say:

Prescribed payments are certain payments that can be credited as child support even if the parent receiving child support doesnt agree the payment was in lieu of child support. As long as the paying parent pays 70 per cent of their normal monthly child support payment on time, a maximum of 30 per cent of the monthly payment can be credited in this way.

Prescribed payments can be for child care costs, school fees, school uniform and book fees, essential medical and dental items, the other parents share of rent, mortgage, utilities and rates, or some motor vehicle costs.

Separated parents - Department of Human Services

You can also, just not pay it like Boots says.
Well I've a form from ABCDEF State School

Prep Technology Contribution 2012 = $40
Prep Year Consumables Contribution 2012 = $110

Consumables are in place of a book/materials list.

I have had to accept approx 100 days of care per year.

What is this 14% threshold?

I've just noted that the form opens with: -
"This letter is to explain our call for Voluntary Financial Contributions."

14% is the care percentage cut off to be eligible to make Prescribed Payments directly to the school and have them take off your monthly CS bill. it appears you have over 14% care of your little one so you dont qualify anyway.

And how about that……. "Voluntary Financial Contributions" !!!!! It answers itself.
You are not volunteering any contributions this year. Its a State school, they cant kick him out.
Yes the "voluntary" is a get out for now.

This 14% thing is something I'd not seen yet.

In general how are costs like school fees distributed.
If I'm at 24% discount on my CS does that imply I'm also up for 76% of bills like schools fees and needs.
Or is a matter of "bluff" and saying I won't pay either so the kids miss out or do I offer a 50-50 deal or something.
Those expenses are covered by normal child support payments so there is no need for you to contribute any extra funds than usual child support payments and then it is up to the ex if they are paid or not as they are voluntary. In some cases they are free if the major carer parent has a health care or pension card.
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