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I've lodged a COA due to ex underestimating income to CSA. He gave new estimate to CSA in Oct saying that he wasn't working as much. Problem with his story is that on his public fb profile, he brags about his cash in hand job, beating the system, tells everyone where he is working and proceeds to have a go at me for being 'the st*pid b*tch who left him'. I took screen shots and sent a nice package to CSA but I'm wondering how long the whole process tends to take? Also is there any penalties on him for lying about his income? What's to stop him doing this next year as well? And me having to go thru this whole invasive process again?
Also Ex promised to pay for half of our child's iPad for his therapies. He hasn't paid but he's already lodged a non agency payment thru CSA! What proof would he have to show for this or is the onus on me to prove he hasn't paid anything? I didn't ask him to pay anything, he offered and his words were 'anything to help *childs name here*. The reason I know of the non agency payment is I got a letter from them today but haven't been able to phone them
you can object to the NAP. CoA are now taking 4months, i am told by C$A, due to a flood of them being lodged.
So will be well after tax time til I see any result?! I have even provided CSA with the companies name as ex was good enough to provide it to me. We already have a new assessment to start in July due to the estimate provided by ex. I will phone CSA on Tues and see if there's an easier way to do it then a CoA.
the end of the tax year is only 9 weeks away. But you can definately ask C$A if there is a quicker way to update his income. They may do it by calling his employer and getting his YTD pay. But if he is doing cash work, it will be harder to assess how much he is earning this way.
He's been working this cash in hand job since Oct 2010. I haven't said anything to now because he is a problem gambler and I wanted to give him a chance to dig himself out of his mountain of debt. I am on the pension but have been able to buy myself a nice car and furnish a house (he got all household goods and our car). I was hoping he could help himself and have a nice place to take DS to eventually. But I am really struggling atm to keep up with our sons medical costs (getting assessed for ASD). I'm studying but am unable to work atm due to the sheer number of appointments we have a week.
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