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How do you "take leave of the Courts" to lodge a COA between 18 months & 7 years?

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My ex has lodged a COA requesting I contribute additional to pay school fees. This was done 18 months ago in her first COA, and whilst it was agreed by CSA, they did not incresae my payments because I had already paid for half of my child's private schooling, without assistance, when the child lived with me.

With the old COA lapsed and a new one put in by my ex the window is open again and I am not feeling so confident following the Senior Case Officer phone call. I have good grounds to object, but if CSA does make me pay more then it sets a precedent for me.

With my first 2 children I paid without any assistance over $100,000 in school fees. I had full care of the children for 5 of the 7 school fee years but was not aware of the COA process, and frankly I wanted nothing much to do with the ex, especially sharing financial info etc. A CSA claim was lodged and she was paying me a little dependent on whether she had quit her job or not. If the liability can exist now it can surely exist then, but how do you lodge a COA between 18 months & 7 years?
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