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How do we apply to court

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child support assesment dating back over 18 months

Csa say that for them to change assesment from over 18 months ago we need to go to court.

Just got all the past tax assesments back 2006-2011 even got a refund which by the way Csa took, so he didnt owe any tax. mainly because he didnt earn any money over the last 7 years and when he did he had the tax deducted from his wage.

how do we apply for a court to review the assesments and which court do we apply to, we are in WA.

Csa are still charging Penelties even though there is a payment plan in place. they will not remit them.

csa will not let us object to the assessment as they say they can only go back 18 months.

any advice please feels like he is in a catch 2 situation.
The CSA can back as far as they like to do an assesment, they are not suposed to go back any further then 18 months without a court order.
when they re assement on me they went back 8 years without a court order and then took $ 2000 from my back account.

So who knows, they make up there own rules and reg's to suit them self and not the law
That's just crazy. You file an Application and tick the child support box (magistrate or family courts) and fill in all the details, explaining the issue. It doesn't require mediation of course and I believe the application is free if it's regarding child support only.
You will need to put the C$A as first respondent and ex as the 2nd but don't expect to see C$A get involved. I suggest you read from section 110 of the Child Support (Assessment) Act to know what you can and cannot do. Don't expect the magistrate to work it out for you so you will need to include an affidavit outlining your case and to justify the orders you are seeking.
Thanks for that Fairgo.
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