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How do I get CSA to investigate my partners income

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Hi hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction.

My ex is a Director for a Recruitment company in India, flys in an out once a fortnight to see his son.

I know this as a fact as he has given me his business cards with all his contact details in case of emergency and once a fortnight my mother in law collects our son so he can spend a day with him before my ex flys in and she has also mentioned his job several times.

My issue is, I dont get any child support!!

Whenever it comes time he estimates his income at something ridiculous like 10k which is completely wrong, as I know he is earning much more being the Director of this company and hence he NEVER has to pay me a cent because my income has always been more than his. Even though I have him 87% of the time.

I have heard along the grapevine (but I can not be certain) that the reason he is getting away with it is because he has an Indian account and all his wages are being done through India.

Everytime I speak to someone at CSA about investigating this because I know his income estimate is NOT correct and I tell them why, they tell me it is illegal for him to be doing this but it is too hard for them to investigate and proove so there i nothing they can do.

Is that correct? Surely there i something that can be done to make him start taking responsibility for his son.

Does anyone have any advice or know what I can do, it is really frustrating me to know end that he can screw the system like this.
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