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How accurate is the CSA calculator?

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as the title says im wondering how accurate the CSA calculator is. Ive entered the current information and yes it is reasonably accurate but just recently i have been awarded alot more care of my child and ive re calculated with level of care but the rate pretty much stays the same? now when i say i have alot more time from 52 nights per year to 134. Thats more than twice the amount of time you would think that your CSA would nearly halve not go down down by only 4 dollars a week.
AdelaideD can you be more specific about which calculator? There are three that are reasonably accurate, the CSA's Estimator, and two available from the home page on here. On here there is the simple calculator and the advanced calculator. The latter is the one I would recommend using it is the most comprehensive calculator that is available to the public. It can perform calculations for virtually all scenarios, although currently it has not been updated with the 2012 data. If you need to do calculations for 2012 a version of the advanced calculator can be found here Alternative Advanced CS Calculator that has 2012 data.

The advanced calculator was checked quite comprehensively against various scenarios. The CSA were even given access to check it, not that they bothered responding. However, I do know that some in the CSA do use the advanced calculator as it's easier to use than the Estimator, covers multi-case and non-parent carer scenarios and can also provide far more information (i.e. checking the show calculations shows many of the intermediate values).

However, 52 to 134 nights is not that much of a jump, as I will explain. This is because the reduction in CS for the level of care is staggered rather than continuous. For 0-13% (0-51 nights)care these is no CS reduction at all. For 14-34% (52-127 nights) there is a 24% reduction of CS. For 35-47% (128-175 nights) the CS reduction is 25% + 2% for every 1% above 35% care (this is where yours fits in, you jump from 24% - 27% reduction). For 47-50% the CS reduction is 50%. I believe this staggering is a serious flaw and can result in the cost of one night being over $10,000.

If you wish you could PM me the scenarios and I could check that they are correct.

Note to Secretary_SPCA

Could you chase this up please. The updated files were sent at the end of December

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