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Is there any calculator that assesses a high income earners CS. Ex earns $250000 P/a Gross, i am currently a stay at home mum looking at returning to work P/T - 2 kids 5 & 7 (at school). My current income is Parenting Payment !
You can use the calculator in this page. Not sure how much parenting payments are. If you earn let's say 30k per year and he is on 250k per year, child support would work out as:

Approx 2350 per month if he has less then regular care and 1760 if he has more then regular care.
1100 if He has equal Shared Care.

I didn't include other relevant dependants, but this would make a difference also.

Child support is capped on the income of both both parents.
Thanks, PP is approx 16k, and he will have 34% care.
Is the income capped at 180K? . through the online estimator the amount to pay does not increase regardless if income id 180K or 250K.
He also has a lot of shares ($100K value today), are these included as income as far as CS goes or are they part of property settlement?
your advice is much appreciated
At the moment any income from the shares will go towards his assessed CSA income. The shares will form part of any asset pool for s.79 purpose.

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stunned said
Is the income capped at 180K?
No, it's not that simple as at any specific amount. The cap varies each year, it being based upon the AMTAWE (Annualised Male Total Average Weekly Earnings). It is 2.5 times AMTAWE. For 2012 (i.e. assessments whose period starts in 2012) it is $162,163. With consideration for the Self Support Amount which is currently $21,622. Then if only one parent has an income the minimum taxable income where the cap would apply would be $183,785.

If the second parent has an income above the Self Support Amount, then that can reduce when the cap applies as the cap applies to the Combined Child Support Income (CCSI) (i.e. the income (ATI which itself can have additions such as net investment loss) of both parents less deductions for the Self Support Amount (SSA = 1/3rd AMTAWE),  Relevant Dependant Child Amount (RDCA (cost of relevant dependant children)) and Multi-case Allowance (MCA)(cost of multi-case children)).

Thus there are a number of factors that can affect when the cap applies.

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