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My ex has recently been found out for under estimating his income by a lot to CSA. Now they have worked out what extra he owes. Some of it goes back to the 2009/2010 financial year, does this mean I will have a debt to C/L for the payments I have received during that time? It is quite a substantial amount that is owed and I'm worried about what debt I will now owe.
From memory (and maybe the other members can clarify), C/link only looks at what you have received in CS for each financial year… so notify them (although CSA and C/link are now one) of any extra CS you receive from now on. You won't have a post dated debt from previous financial years. Remember it is what you actually receive as CS that C/link takes it into account for your family benefits, not what you are or were entitled to unless you chose otherwise for do a private collect.
C/L knew about the raised CS payments before I did. I logged into online services today so I could draw up budget only to find that I will be losing a lot of FTB over the rest of this financial year. Hopefully I won't have to much of a debt at tax time. He has had the new estimate in place since December 2011 and new assessment is quite a bit higher. The extra money will definitely help with the costs of speech therapy and OT for DS!
Hi DSnME, my name is Rahul and I work at the Australian Government Department of Human Services in a team that responds to enquiries about Child Support and Centrelink on social media sites like this one.

Just following on from valere's response, child support and family assistance are closely linked. The more child support you receive, the less Family Tax Benefit you may receive. Similarly, if you receive less child support you may be entitled to more Family Tax Benefit. However, the way Child support may affect your family assistance payments depends on a number of factors, and there's more info on this below:

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We would need to investigate your particular circumstances further to see if you have incurred an overpayment, so I encourage you to call us on 131 272 to discuss this further.

Hope that helps.

I will phone centrelink tomorrow and hopefully get some answers. I haven't received any of the arrears, just letters to know that he owes this amount. I would say that when he does his tax, they will take some of his return. He has underpaid this financial year by under $1000 due to false estimates so I dare say $400-$500 of that will be taken to cover my overpayment of FTB. I am aware that the more CS I receive, the less FTB I receive. It can be very frustrating as the FTB goes down straight away and yet it takes months to start seeing the new amount of CS. Unfortunately with a SN kid, the budget is always very tight and I am looking forward to using this money to pay for more aides and therapies for him
Thanks Guest Rahul. It is nice to have some feedback from an 'official' source. I know that some readers will have a bit of a giggle at your 'trust me I'm from the Govenment and here to help you', but the majority of us forum participants just want the system to work correctly and be fair with less grief for all.
Phoned C/L and they can't tell me if I will have a debt or not until I actually see any money. Very annoying as I'm trying to do the right thing. My FTB has gone down by $110 a fortnight now which is going to hit hard. Even worse since the part time employment which was looking very likely has become a no go due to budget cuts, they will now be laying off staff instead of putting on new ones.
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