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help needed with cs.

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Is there anyone with some advice please. I have an ex husband of over 10 years, he has zero income, no government payments (eg. disability, dole, newstart etc.) he owns outright his house which is in his name only. but once again earns $0.00. I am working casual employment, my new husband not only helps supports me and the children but pays csa himself every month on time to his children. around $600 month.

can someone advize me.
If the other parent submits a taxable income lower than the maximum normal parenting payment single payment ($13980 for 2009) and is not on income support, and has not satisfied the CSA that the low income is genuine, and the parent has less than 35% (128 nights) care of any of the children, then the fixed rate of assessment would be applied. This is $1178 p.a. ($22.65) per child, for up to 3 children

If all of the requirements above are met, and the other parent is not paying CS at the fixed rate of assessment, then you should contact the CSA.
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