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HELP ! Can't afford to pay child support

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CSA have over estimated my income and have requested I pay $243/ wk in child support.

I own a retail franchise and last year my income was $94000 and so paid $192/ wk in child support

My ex put in for my income to be re-assessed in Sept 2011 and it was and was re-assessed at $109 000 per year ( they added the benefit of a car I lease through the buisness and valued it as $14k even despite it being a vehicle of which benefit would not be calculated as it carries greater than 1 tone)

At the time of her re assessment my business profits were 62 % down from last year which equates to my earnings as being $52 000 making it ver difficult to pay child support based on my previous income .

In the change of assessement I said that I was earning less however it was later mentioned I didn't have proof of the lowered income and the assessment was bumped basing my income on $109k instead of $52k.

I have since written a later of objection adding with it proof of my lowered earnings.

Apparently it takes 60 days for the decision to be changed however I can't afford to pay $243 in the interim. I am paying $192/wk as I did previously however my ex's family benefits from centerline have dropped assuming that I'm paying $243.

Aside from my letter of objection I have rung CSA 3 x now saying that I can't afford to pay more.

I have calculated based on my new income that I should only be paying $99 /wk so I am still paying slot more than I should.

What can I do?
What penalties will I incur by only paying the reduced amount?
If my assessment is changed to my current income $52k and i have asked that this be backdated to sept 2011 will I still have to pay arrears calculated on $243/wk in missed payments?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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