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Have I been overpaying childsupport?

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paying the assessed amount of child support as well as 100 extra a week for school fees.

Hi to everyone.

I have always paid child support on a (private agreement) and for approx 3 years i paid $300 per week for my 2 children when I was only required to pay $180, I was happy to do this because I was earning a moderate income and wanted to help as much as I could, in addition to this weekly payment, I was paying $100 a week to school fees and paying for school excursions, new shoes, pony club etc.
18 months ago, I lost my job, I did find a new one immediately however the pay is significantly less. I did get a new assessment done and payed the amount of $149 per week as well as trying to keep up with the school fees. I was finding it extremely hard to make ends meet and asked my ex partner if she could contibute to our childrens school fees. She said she could not afford it either, so I keep up with the fees. I did how ever reduce the child support amount by $20 per week.
I have just received a letter fom CSA informing me that my ex asked them to recover the outstanding amount of $320. I cannot see how this could be right…could it??
sounds bad as your good intentions will be used against you. if u have receipts for paying toward school fees it MAY help but the CSA will endevour to recover the outstanding amount. maybe what you should have done was pay the CSA amount but reduce your school fee contribution? the you will only have your ex on ya back and not the CSA
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