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Going on the Dole in RVO/CSA/FC situation as a form of Strike

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If only those men could organise themselves for the strike together

The whole the money is not spent on the children is a load of crock.
CS is usuallypaida month in arrear(pay for november in december) what are the residential parent suspposed to do when payee doesnt pay- refuse to feed the kds,not buy newclothes no THEY use their share of $$ to pay for the things kids need WHEN they need it.

whoever said their ex is on carers allowance :o , would that be because she is caring for either her child or a relative who has extra needs/medical issues…. pretty sure it would be one or the other. what would be your suggestion for the person she cares for if she were to go out and gain full time employment….
You'll find anyone now who is on a sole parent payment HAS to gain employment or study/volunteer work once their child hits a certain age…the age old being on PPS until the youngest is 16 is long gone.

seriously there is deadbeat dads as well as dead beat mums but just as fathers say dont lump them all in one category-the same goes for mums.
the whole point of this debate is that laws and judges/public perception is skewed to a point of ridiculousness

I think you'll find most of the guys who have commented would just like the system to be fair and that means time as well as financially

when your case for contact is derailed by a 20 minute observation of youreself with your children after 6 months of no contact due to judges erring on the side of caution.

when you case is derailed by unsubstantiated allegations / claims of violence / abuse

when there is just no reason for a judge to come up with a decision denying contact other than to please the mother as her happiness is in the best interest of the children

when you question how or why the system is rorted/skewed in such a way that 1 person gets 1500+ per fortnight in benefits and yet cannot under any circumstance be forced to pay back the 10000+ csa overpayment they have received due to lies proven in ssat hearings and you have to declare bankruptcy

when access is denied and no reason given and the judge in youre ongoing case does not even address this despite your raising it as an issue

when you complain to docs about abuse and they treat you like youre an imbissile because the mother said it did not happen even though you have advised them you have proof of the abuse

there is so much more I can add to this

Something has to change and its fairly obvious nothing will unless something drastic happens

these are somethings I have been through others could probably tell of worse things

this does not mean I am advocating not paying child support for the sake of denying my children it means I am fed up with a system which makes me a 2nd or 3rd rate person simply because I was born male

Yes i would support all payers going on the dole as simply it would be  a silent but loud protest .

its not like "a current affair " or "today tonight" will be interveiwing fathers asking why they are doing it. The government will however sit up and take notice and things like chris bowen  getting csa to check all cases for any possible past monies  csa can claim will ever happen again.

people have gone out on the streets and marched and been ignored

money talks

that is my view anyway

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of  the time unless they work for CSA and youre a Payee:)
Jayden and reallyconfused,
strong critical views are usually consequences of personal experiences, mainly from childhood as every psychologist or psychiatrist will tell us. I'm sorry for your experiences.

But the best test if the financial arrangement (or any other arrangement for that matter) is just, is simply, by swapping places. I wonder, how many single mums on SPP, family A and B payments, plus CS will swap roles with their exes and agree to go to work, pay CS via CSA, have limited or no access to kids, and leave the kids in the care of ex husbands. I bet very few or none.
They will argue that he can not do it "properly", they will try to find any excuse, best of them are intimidation and violence.
Now tell me why?
Is it really because the said father is unable to be good parent, same like you, or sometimes better?
Well, dear ladies, I dear to tell you, that many fathers can be better carers for children than you, and you know it, you just do not want to loose your comfortable position in this "family business". But is it indeed in the best interest of the child/children?

And finally, when nothing works, what are you doing? You relocate, because this is a thing that you can still successfully get from the Court when you are bitter at the ex.
All in the name of the "best interest of the child".
"If some of those "govenment benefits to mothers" were reduced or withdrawn, we would see a sharp decline in the birth rate.  And to my mind that  may actually improve the overall mentality and IQ of this nation's population.
Because as it stands a large percentage of kids growing up in Oz are raised by brain dead, fat ar*** loser mothers who have no education or ambition, and contribute little to the nation.
They are but fleas on the ar** of society"
Sorry, but didn't know how to do the 'quote thing'. Ajae that is a fairly ignorant statement do you not think? I was receiving a single parenting pension for three years and minimal child support. I survived on $650 a fortnight to which I paid private rent, all costs associated with my child (child care etc), bills, food AND studied at university full time gaining my degree. I shelved DVD's at a supermarket for $12 an hour to help support my child as well.
Your comments are unhelpful and ignorant, not all mothers are what you say or need to be denigrated to that extent.

your so good at adding up the mothers income so why not add up the complete expenses of the child and see how much is left after that…

I'm not going to get into some kind of pathetic slinging match with you.
child's expenses

baked beans for dinner 59 cents x 7 times a week $2 complete outfit from op shop $5 shoes from op shop school materials $300

Mothers expenses

brand new computer brand new laptop brand new car brand new iphone cartons of alcopops dinner parties for friends twice a week gifts for school teachers  once a week smokes

centrelink benefits 1500 / fn  child support 1000 / month

i'm sure theres more luxuries i dont know about

when someone says "look at this nice ring you bought me with child support and youre kids complain about eating baked beans at least 3 times a week  you too would feel like the system is just a crock of excrement

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of  the time unless they work for CSA and youre a Payee:)
I joined this site to gain more of an insight into family law and maybe get some ideas on how to best parent my son and uphold shared parenting.
All I seem to see are bitter males denigrating women and the partners of men denigrating other women.
I am not saying that all mothers are perfect, I have seen some that I think should never have children in my work but…
I can see that this site is predominately for men wishing to use all sorts of arguments to undermine a mother's role in society, yet it appears it is hidden under the opposite argument.
I do hope that those parents on this site do achieve better outcomes for themselves and their children.
But I can no longer read some of the responses that are discriminatory, hostile and abusive.
Thank you to all of those that have assisted me in my own enquiries, I hope this site continues to help you in your journey.
I think the site is a wonderful idea to which the moderators should be credited however I cannot tolerate such attitudes to women, men, or anyone.
When I read posts including "we do not have to kill our kids" or "a majority of mothers are a … on society" I cannot be part of that.
Good luck to all and best wishes.
This topic has become a soapbox.

Venting and whining does nothing go buy a cat and kick it instead.

Instead of posters soap boxing and trying to impress other people with kindergarten logic they should go join an organisation that has the right political connections to get the Law amended ie LFAA and SPCA.

In Family Law there are only two types of people, those that whinge and do sweet FA and those that try do something constructive about the problem.
there is no need to be offended if you are genuinely acting in the best interest of the child (and I'm sure you are) just because of the gender thing. Your ex must be a lucky guy and we all envy him. For me it was good to get to know other people's opinions but until a point. Now it became a bit ugly. Sorry about that. It was not originally my intention at all.

RSPCA is after you as we speak. Even suggesting something like that is a crime in many pet owners minds.:lol:
Loujane, I have to admit that after more than 2 years of standing up and "fighting" for justice and equality, when practically only banging our heads against a brick wall along the way, it is not surprising to sound bitter and cynical about the system. I personally have learned so much on this site and continue to do so despite the ignorance we encountered from CSA and the likes.

And Conan, I would fight just as hard for the welfare of my kitty than for my child :) The claws are out :)
tadeusz191 and Babushka, I am so sorry you have had these experiences, I cannot imagine how awful it must be to be in your position when I know how much our kids all mean to us. Personally speaking, my ex is lucky in that despite his behaviour toward me which has been traumatic to say the least, I want him to have my son in his life and vice versa. I can separate the issues to which is hard to do (he cannot unfortunately) but I will not turn into one of those parents who uses the child as a tool, no way in the world.
I do hope for both of you and the benefit of your children that things get better for you. A father is as paramount as a mother. I cannot offer the unique qualities of a father to my son and his father cannot offer my qualities to him. No one can replace the other in my opinion that is why we have two parents. I really do wish for you and your children's sake that things get fairer for you, all the very best, Loujane.
I can see all sides to this debate.  But from my angle, I think collectively, if everyone takes a breath and thinks things through and uses the resources that are there, learning the rules of the game and then playing the game properly we will all have a much better chance of getting through it.  My ex left (800km away) 2 years ago and has managed to delay settlement and access by using the system to her advantage - was able to consistently have FRA mediation session times changed because of "an appointment", was able to have the Family Court proceedings delayed by continually applying for a change of venue request (3rd time lucky, now been moved to Brisbane and another 6 month delay on getting to court), and is now using the C$A to cause grief - I have seen my daughter for 4 days in the course of the last 2 years and the system and those within it just do not care.

I take the approach that I am always going to be her dad, and my responsibility is to be there for her, I have had to deal with my own feelings and put them to on side - deal with the hurt of not getting daily hugs, deal with not being there for the first day of school, deal with all of those things that I miss and channel that energy into getting it all sorted for the future - after all it is all about what is best for her - Dad's should be bullet proof, that's what my little girl thinks and I'm not going to let her down on that.

It is the hardest thing I know, but if we continue to share experiences here and more importantly share knowledge, then we can use the system to our advantage - I am going to make a point of staying in touch here and keep my progress (wins, losses and tactics) posted - personally I don't think walking away and going on the dole solves nothing although it is tempting, to me it is just admitting defeat and lets those administering the system off the hook - believe me as a public servant - the worst thing that can happen is having to reply to Ministerials - write, write, and write again to Minsiters and MP's - that's where the changes will come given time.  All the best to all of you.
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