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George Christensen MP calls for overhaul of child support system

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message from George Christensen MP
14 March 2012
"I'm going 2 deliver speech 2day calling 4 overhaul of #ChildSupport system so there's a nexus between child support & court orders"

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another false dawn?
George Christensen" "Only had 3 minutes to deliver the speech but I got my point across. It was all about how access to children in accordance with court orders (or, where none are in place, fairness) should be a condition of child support being ongoing. I will post the speech"

A lot of interest & some good suggestions

Fathers dragged into family court have been slapped with impossible child support judgments, deprived of the means to earn enough to pay those judgments, and now can be jailed for contempt for being unable to pay.

 The current system of enforced so-called "child support" and asset redistribution based on child custody arrangements, necessarily creates a perverse incentive structure that rewards the creation of broken homes. That is, one subsidizes the activity.

 Remove incentives for divorce for women. Child support, alimony, marital home without buying husbands half, and any other unequal distribution of marital assets or debts.

 In my view one major change that would make the whole system better is: no fault divorce = no-fault custody: automatic 50/50 physical and legal custody.

 If you want more than that, you have to accuse the other parent of something and get a criminal conviction in court on that something. I think this alone would make a lot of women put a little more thought into the choices they make in life.

Honestly, with the "and Other Measures" in the Family Violence (sole custody) amendments child support & enforcement is going to get bloody.
i read thru his facebook thread…. someone come out with a good point …. no contact no support, and then joked about how many single mums would be lining up for mediation… yeah we can joke about it on facebook but its so true. When u provide a financial insentive to not share your children we will have this problem.

i read what another guy has said about being put in jail for not paying CS and also another guy talking about rumours of taking the mother out of the equation…. how far do u push a person before they break? such a sad state of affairs some people live in.
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