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FTBA and FTB and paying CS

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So just to be clear, if a man is getting $304 a FN for FTB and FTA will he still be on a NIL assessment? Surely they cant expect him to pay CS to a mother getting a  ton from welfare when trying to raise a baby on just this?
If a parent is receiving FTB payments. Then that parent would have at least 35% care. They would also have to have an income that is relatively low and that would include the income of a partner. It's impossible to say whether they would pay $0 in CS. However, they would get at least a 25% reduction in the CS for the care that they have. This rises by 2% for each percent of care over 35% e.g. 36% care = 27% reduction.  Of course another factor is the other parent's income.

However, you may have a relevant dependant (the baby), which is another factor as consideration is given for the cost of relevant dependants in the formula, so the $304 per FN would be boosted (theoretically) by the cost of the relevant dependant child which is subtracted from the parent's ATI before calculating the cost of the CS child.
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