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Hi all,

Just after some advice in relation to the non-application of a fixed rate assessment.

A quick synopsis of the child support case.Partner has had a declining income (estimates)ever since I was forced to go to child support for any form of financial support of the children (he refuse to help finanically financially at all despite my offer of a child support agreement that was less than what he initially was assessed to pay).


This is a distortion as nobody is forced, rather they are "pressured", in order to gain the most financially from their child or children. In fact it is very common for some lives with parents to not yield to such pressure and thus not go to the CSA or to subsidise the claw-back of FTB by only using the CS for assessment purposes. Unfortunately to further elaborate would likely lead to ranting by those who see any mention of a specific gender trend doing good or the other gender trend of doing bad.

Hagve I have gone to through the COA, Objection and then SSAT process twice now only to have the assessment increased through proof a finding of Reason 8 (evidence evidnecne was the same all the way through don't you love the C$A).


Nope I don't :)

This year is different though as he was apparently in a work place accident and on work cover. From my limited knowledge (and don't know how I would get anything more) I know he is still working at his place of employment for a couple of hours a week and works for cash in hand as a music teacher. The funny thing is this year he tried to be smart after he lodged his tax return ($29K taxable income)and lodge an estimate signficantly significantly less than the single parent pension (estimate of $10K) without been being on any Ccentrelink benfitsbenefits. The Eeffect of this was he was put on a fixed rate assessment which caused him to pay more than he has in the alstlast 4 years.

Much to his dismay does he naturally lodgded lodged an application for a fixed rate of assessment not to apply and we find out last week that C$A accepted it. Now I will object as I understant understand this is the only way I will get to see what "evidence" he has supplied but I am interested if anyone has had experience with this. I beleivebelieve he has either had a lump sum payout from work cover and is not telling CSA or is still recievingreceiving support payments from work cover and he is not divulging them. How can that be proved?

The sad thing here is if he doesn't want to be a part of our childrenschildren's lives (he has to have supervised contact as per final orders he consented to) then I am happy to not have the aggrication ??????? (perhaps aggravation?) of child support. I have had enough of the silly game to be honest but he continues to hand aroundhand around what? an and cause the kids greif grief by continually ringing them when he can (again consented to) but the conversation keepkeeps upsetting the kids because he tells them I am a bad mother and it is me stopping him seeing them even thought though he can, albeit supervised (he has a child sex offence). I am really confused as to how I should proceed as I feel he still is tyring to control me and hurt me and the children. Any advice would be appreciated.

MikeT comments as a moderator

The first advice you need to heed, is that others deserve your respect of them by taking some care over what you post. What you posted is pretty appalling. You have been lazy and not bothered to use paragraphs. You have not bothered to use a spell checker. You have only provided one-side of the information and very likely as such a distortion of the full facts of the matter.

I have locked this topic due to such laziness and disrespect of others. I suggest (actually very much demand) that you show some respect and start a new topic with your posting showing the respect that others deserve by observing what I have said. I may then perhaps bother to reply to the questions.

i.e. you need, in order to show respect of others and to aide by the forum rules, to specify the number of children, their ages, your income and how it is obtained, the children's income (e.g. FTB CS paid), only have the odd spelling error (if this is an issue due a google search on +spell +checker and find out how), not distort the facts(as shown above, do so and I'll probably make it clear to all and sundry that your are doing so) and check your grammar

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