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Hi all, I have reached the end of child support payments, I think. As of April, my daughter reached the age of 18 and CSA contacted her mother to see if she wanted to extend support until the end of the school year. She said yes. Until that point we had an agreement that i paid an agreed amount outside of CSA. All was well. Since the extension till end of school year, CSA has taken over collecting payments and they have increased some what to over $800 per month. As I have found better paying jobs over the last few years, so the payments have increased, but as i had an agreement, payments stayed the same. I have as yet not done this years tax return but once i have, I have no doubt that CSA will want to grab some more money as my wage has increased by about $20,000 since February. Do I have extra payments to look forward to? Will CSA ever close the file?
I'm also about to receive another raise in pay, will that come into calculations or is that after the fact?
Don't tell them about your pay changes. Just do your 2010 tax return and lump the extra payments. It's only for a few months. If you delay your tax return they will catch up with you when you do eventually lodge it. I think end of the school year is December 16 so you only have a few more weeks left to pay.
I am guessing your agreement was a Gentleman's agreement?
Roady said
I'm also about to receive another raise in pay, will that come into calculations or is that after the fact?
It should not as that will only come into affect in the 2010-2011 tax return, which would be past the terminating event.

I believe that the CSA may have not followed the legislation and that you should perhaps object to the decision.  If the agreement you had was until the child turns 18, then as an agreement was in place, assuming that the agreement was registered as an agreement with the CSA, then the application should be for the agreement to be extended. The legislation only allows for the extension of what is currently in force, it does not allow for a post 18 application for child support assessment.

Child Support Assessment Act - Section 151 said
151B  Application for assessment/agreement to continue beyond childs 18th birthday
   (1)   If a child turns 18 during a year in which the child is in full time secondary education, a carer entitled to child support for the child may apply for an administrative assessment, or a child support agreement, in relation to the child to continue in force until the last day of the secondary school year in which the child turns 18.
Your right Fairgo, it was a gentleman's agreement. No papers, no signatures and not registered.

End of year 12 was Nov 12th.  

As the agreement was verbal and I was paying outside of CSA, does it have any legal standing? It went for about 4 years. I approached her when i changed jobs and asked if she was happy getting the same amount as before, even though my wage went up a little bit so I could start saving some money. Can I use that to stop having to pay more once my tax is done?
Your verbal agreement has no legal standing at all with C$A. You are lucky she worked with you as you probably would have paid more for those years.
And now lodge an FOI request for your entire file.  And when you see what a horrid person you are according to their records request that they eithe ramend or annotate their records on every point.  Ties them up in their own processes.
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