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Financial hardship

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Financial hardship due to EX not seen as valid for change of assesment

After my wife left me, she requested I pay up to 80% of our mortgage payments as she was 'a single mum'. I felt this was reasonable as she had the children in WA while I was waiting to sell our house in TAS. Shortly after I received notice from CSA to start paying her. I let them know that I was paying most of our debts and was at the point of receiving charity to survive. ( the house we lived in had a high mortgage and due to property market took 9 months for me to sell - at a loss). I was battling to survive and I kept informing CSA of the situation. If I stopped paying mortgages the house i was in, as well as the house we owned in WA  would be taken by the bank. this would leave us with no house for the children and a substantial debt as well. It was more that 15 months before any on from suggested that I could make a change of assessment. previously I had been told by other staff that nothing could be done. back in those days I used to believe the word of CSA officers. When I eventually moved back to WA I was unemployed. the children moved in with me straight away, but my ex refused to acknowledge this so I was left paying her for the children in my care, paying for 80% of mortgages and the costs of having the children as well as looking for work. As i came from another state it took sometime to know anyone who could verify in writing that I had the children. i was paying close on $1800 a month on mortgages had both children and was being paid by EX $90 a month. CSA told me there was nothing I could do and my situation was not there concern. If I stopped paying mortgage bank would take my house (where the children were living). As my wife took all of the furniture I had to spend my work payout money on mortgages as well as some beds. CSA have refuse to acknowledge establishment costs for my self as I bought items second hand and had no receipts. I was left with a mattress on the floor, a microwave and a table. During the period of hardship we relied on charity for food and parents to cover mortgages. My older son who had been abused my his mother post separation was also suffering due to the financial situation. Sad to say but my 16 year old son was arrested for robbery trying to get money to put food on our table. the court recognised that extreme financial stress has led to his behaviour and he avoided a detention sentence. he now has a recode suffers from depression and has lost all direction in life. My younger boy who arranges food parcels from his school is in councilling. My older boy had home detention at my ex's due to the fact that she had picked him up from the police. CSA straight away contacted me with the demand to pay her $360 a month even though we had the same income,a child each and I was still paying 80% of mortgages.CSA refused to see that the fact that I was paying 80% of mortgage payments had any bearing on my financail situation. I am now at the point that I cannot afford to look after my son and I am looking for somewhere for my son to live. This son (15) now suffers from depression as well and refuses to live with his mum. My children were the only thing keeping me going and now CSA have just about taken that away. I cant understand how a government department has the right to destroy broken family's and inflict so much pain on children. Is there a government agency who supports the need of children?
I'm sorry to read your story. You have many issues to deal with.

C$A will generally not do anything out of the ordinary for anybody, especially the payer, until both parents have finalised their property settlement from their marriage or relationship.

If the children are living with you, then you should stop paying the mortgage for the ex's house. She has an earning capacity so can look after herself.

This may help you out for now however if you have significant assets and other resources such as super you will need to sort out the property settlement with the ex.
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