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Finally 'That Winning Feeling!"

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After much deliberation, CSA have finally sent Hubbie notification that he is no longer required to pay child support for child (17yrs), but no reasons are given. Hubbie will be trying to extract from CSA reasons and have this documented. An interesting development in the notification was the clarification that CSA now collaborate with Family Assistance Office (FAO) in regard to percentage care for CSA and family assistance payments. My understanding of this is that the Payee is now held more accountable by their taxable income statements and income earned as well as the amount of care. Obviously, if child is recipent of Youth Allowance/plus living Independently this is factored in. As Hubbie's Ex (Payee) is on Centrelink, they have established that the child is no longer in her care enough to claim either CSA or any other allowances relating to Centrelink and that this is itself a Terminating Event. Although, we have strong reason to believe this has been happening for most of Last Year, if we had not Appealed the COA, we would still be paying $400/mth. Hubbie will cover his bases by obtaining dates all the six children left school, but he needs to do this via a lawyer as Payee has always had sole custody (big mistake, all parents should be joint guardians unless there is 'very real domestic violence" and the school refuses to give Hubbie this info in writing. My advice is for all Payers to ANALYZE every statement CSA put in their Assessment reasons and obtain Family Court Documents to re-iterate the amount of care Payer SHOULD be having, even though this is not part of the COA . Hubbie also sent in his National Police Clearance to CSA, as ex wife is always claiming violence (total lies from her in order to gain a sympathic ear from CSA and rule in her favour ). Thanks again, to all on the site for advice, especially FairGo and Mike T.
That is great news but it will be interesting to see if you get the overpayment back as I think it will amount to lot.

If you have any evidence that CSA is at fault then you should be able to claim the funds directly from CSA through the CDDA scheme and not necessarily the ex.

Good luck!
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