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Fairness in paying Child Support

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CSA needs to look at individual cases... I think that the government has a rough figure on how much it costs to raise a child: say if it is $5000 a year, then each parent should pay $2500 each...

JAC666 said
 Can I add as much as I love reading everyone's comments and seeing that my family are not the only family CSA has SHAFTED…. I would love to take this a step further with everyone's personal letters and take them to an MP… And now I know is the point were everyone says dreamer: nothing will change. But you have to remember these are how all changes in government are made. I just want a number of how many people would be interested in writing signed letters, I am willing to further this in anyway possible. I am fed up of CSA telling me it does not matter that our hard earned money is going to support her Drug habit when my Step son spent years in shoes that were to small for him and when we replaced his shoes she would take him and the shoes back to the store and get a refund…. I learned very quickly to only buy from stores that have a policy: no receipt no refund! Now my step son is 18 and living with us cause his mum threw him out (not working) now we are still paying back dated child support and she wont even speak the child. CSA responds to that: the child is 18 now we do not have any control over what happens now only what has happened. We all know that there are paying parents who just do not pay, the system is hard and it is only fair to the receiving parents. And I think it is about time we take things to the next step, anyone interested? It is not a step that can be taken by one person, I have done that.

Mate if you can find a way to message me privately I would gladly give you any and ALL info on my case and letters etc unanswered by many Ministers and federal member so far. I would love to find a way to bring a class action against them for thier wrong decisions etc etc. I will spend the rest of my life trying to get rid of this unjust and unlawful c**p of an agency.
Hi All,

After dealing with the CSA for a few years we are sick to death of being rorted and have finally resorted to writing lengthy letters to our MP. He in turn passed it on to the NSW Attorney General and the Minister for Human Services. A week later we received another email that he had passed it on to the Commonwealth Attorney General. Now we are waiting to see where it is passed to next. All up this has taken 4 months. We are really hoping that we get some kind of answer as it is starting to really affect our family life dealing with the CSA.

Our situation is that my husband pays for his two children each and every week without fail.(who he had with his ex wife), During the time of their divorce which was around 5 years ago he amassed a CS debt of around $10,000. I never knew of him at this time yet now the CSA wants to take my income into account when calculating what we should pay each week off the debt. They wont take into account the fact that I have a 4 year old son from a previous relationship as he is not a "relevant child". So what makes me the "relevant parent" to his two kids from his first marriage?

Dont mean to sound harsh but they are rorting us so hard

Any ideas on how to get some fairness into the situation? The CSA says even if I dont write my earnings on their assessment form they can get the info from the ATO anyway. b This doesnt seem fair to me since I had nothing to do with the debt in the first place.
Just to let everyone know, I have started to collate some stories that have been advertised on websites (with permission) and that I am looking at getting a small amount of funding to hold a FORUM around this issue. After seeing how much change has happened in DOCS after the Woods report being announce I think there is still hope for change in CSA. Even though we are nearly passed the stage of paying Child Support, my step son turned 18 in march and now lives with us cause his mum kicked him out day after his 18th Birthday we are still back paying her because our income was underestimated but her exact words to her Son was no more child support no more roof.. can of bourbon for his 18th and out the door... If I can stop that from happening to just one kid I will be happy!
Guest - do you receive child support from the father of your 4 yr old?

Also your husband can apply for a change of assessment based on that he is supporting you and your child. We need to know more about your situation to know whether he has a case or not.

He could also apply to the court for a departure order for an C$A assessment that goes back further than 18 months to have the liability  reduced or deleted.
Hi Fairgo, Thanks for replying.

I did have a child support case with my ex. I wasadvised to get one at the Court House when I applied for the AVO. I caught my ex abusing my son when he was just 5 weeks old.This was on top of the domestic violence I endured, god knows why I stayed with him for two years but thats another story. Anyway, he worked a cash job bricklaying, landscaping etc, the CSA worked out I could get the grand total of $10.92 per month from him. I ended the case and it has been 3 and a half years since we have had contact from him. We are much safer this way.

Change of Assesment:

We thought about going for a change of assessment but is it true that we need his ex wifes blessing for this to occur?

Since his ex wife found out about me she has ceased contact between him and their children. I have never spoken to this woman nor would I know what she looked like if she passed me in the street. What I am trying to say is its not like we are fighting and carrying on with each other.

It was three years ago when my husband last spoke to his kids on the phone. Her new partner grabbed the phone and told my husband he had nothing to do with his kids anymore and that he was no longer required to be a father figure to them. My hubbie burst into tears and has had no contact since then, at that stage we were paying over $250 a week in child support and the new partner told my husband, "you dont pay anything for them so you dont have the right to have anything to do with them" I honestly dont know where she was hiding the $1000 per month she was receiving……we will never know.

On the step child/adoption front. We need my exes permission for adoption to occurand clearly that is notin the best interests of our family. We just dont know what else we can do?

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