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My Ex has been living in the UK for 8 years (left 3 children, then 8,5 and 3) - no contact since with children/no monetry support. CSA sent him a letter last year to his last known address which he has ignored. They say they cannot do anything else. Any ideas?
I would suggest that you need to object to this decision, did they give the grounds upon which they can do nothing? The UK is a reciprocal jurisdiction and the CSA can apply for collection, however they can also refuse to collect if the costs of doing so are uneconomical or irrecoverable at law, if these are not the reasons for the refusal then hopefully an objection will push them to do what they can do to try to locate the parent (I guess that obtaining the other parent's details are the main issue). If the objection fails (which is perhaps highly likely) then you should then go to both or either SSAT and the Ombudsman.

I would also suggest that you never rely upon what 1 person tells you, contact them again perhaps 3 or 4 times. Perhaps also do it in writing rather than on the phone.

My belief is that they cannot give up and that they should have Procedural Instructions for handling international assessment and subsequent collection.

I believe that as there may be no debt, that the CSA likely cannot use the uneconomical or irrecoverable at law grounds to give up.

I also suggest that you look at the the CSA guide sections 3.6 and 5.2.9 (perhaps have a read through all of section 5.2)  and 5.7.1 . Here's some links :-

The CSA Guide - Section 3: Overseas orders, court registered agreements and assessments

The CSA Guide - Section 5.2.9: Collection from third parties

The CSA Guide - Section 5.2.7: Non-pursuit of debt
Thank you Mike for your quick response…..all great advice which I will follow up. I was aware of the 'reciprocal' agreement with the UK and thought at one stage they could 'garnishee' salary but was told this wasn't so. Hopefully I will now get somewhere..L
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