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Duty of care

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Does CSA practice any form of duty of care

I work as a lecturer for TAFE and we have a fairly specific duty of care. We will often go beyond this care as we are dealing with young people.

I also have been involved in the construction industry for the last 12 years. As this can be a dangerous industry we have an ever evolving duty of care to not only people on the constructions sites but any peripheral areas which have any chance of a flow on effect from a mishap.

CSA does not appear to have any form of duty of care. To go off subject slightly, the construction industry with its large workforce, heavy equipment, dangerous heights as well as coordination of multiple people on site; has a number of deaths and injuries each year. we all consider the number to be un acceptable and the industry is ever vigilant to look at methods to bring these numbers down AT ANY COST.

I have had personal experience where a friends son committed suicide due to hard financial pressure put on by CSA. My friend almost followed up except friends and family rallied behind him. Both my boys have experienced extreme hardship due to CSA. Both my boys have been diagnosed with depression, one in council ling and the other also sees psychologist due to the oppressive CSA. CSA seem to be intent on collection of money AT ANY COST-even lives

Sorry to get off subject. i have many issues with the seemingly endless incompetency of this department.

The questions I have are

1. Does CSA have any form of duty of care.

2. has anyone been successful in  following up in the breach of the duty of care.

3. Where do I find this (duty of care) on the web site as I could only seem to find duty of care to ensure they collect money

Many thanks to those who answered my previous posts
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