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Does the payee's FTB get reconciled when payer's CS amounts are reconciled?

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Probably more to do with Centrelink but just asking..

If the payer's income gets reconciled and he ends up with amounts owing and a debt accumulated which he is paying back through payment arrangement, does the payee's FTB then get reconciled as her having then received more than she was entitled?

For eg, my husbands' tax returns have been intercepted totally nearly $9000 over the past five years which his ex is now in receipt of.  Will this then affect the FTB overpayments his ex received.

Just wondering….
NotFair, it should. However, I can't say if it actually does.
I think this information will be passed on to the Family Assistance Office and payee would have received more FTB as she would have been entitled to. So, yes there should be a debt notice raised. There is some info on this in the Family Assistance Guide:

My personal experience I can share here: a few years back I was sent a notice from the FAO after my husband failed to lodge his tax return on time and was asked to pay back the whole FTB amount we had received for that particular tax year.

I would imagine the same applies if a late tax return is lodged by a payer, resulting in an overpayment and consequently a bill for payee.
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