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Does ebay count as an income?

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My ex who pays no CS (I pay although I have majority care) has filed a lovely change of assessment claiming I have not declared full income as I sell on ebay - part of my business is as a trading assistant on ebay, I do not make the full price of sale - I make only 20% plus fees which has been fully declared to ATO.
I declared as business income but am worried that with previous dealings of CSA they have looked at my turnover not profit - do they count ebay as an income? will they take the sale price as my income or my commission?
I follow all regulations on second hand items and sales plus everything with ATO, will my records help prove to CSA that sale price is not my income it is my 20% plus fees? or will there be more I need?

They don't explain what they are really after so what would be appropriate to send?

Thanks In Advance
They should just look at the profit of the deal/business. If you have documentation you should have little to worry about. However, after saying that, the CSA are not very good at understanding  how a business operates.

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faith - Be careful of the information you disclose to them. They like to add back deductions such as vehicle expenses and other expenses such as rent or mortgage payments for running home businesses, or any personal financial benefit you are receiving as a result of your business, to your assessable income for determining your child support liability.

Yes Monti is correct and they should not do this however at this level of appeal they can make make whatever decision they like and say this is a fair and equitable decision.

I would tell them exactly what you have said on here and nothing more. Let them access your tax records and work things out their way which is not always lawful.

What is more important about your response to this COA is what is fair and equitable considering your settlement with the ex and your current financial circumstances. You need to come to a conclusion lodge a counter claim in your response.

If you have majority care then you probably pay most of the costs of the children. If you think the ex has an earning capacity they are not utilising then mention this also. Who has most assets etc… Do you get the drift?
Thanks so much for your replies.

Monteverdi - your right they have no clue how a business is run, our current assessment is based on turnover not profit so even with lower care the ex gets paid by me, something I choose to let be rather than make more waves right now.

Fairgo - Thanks for the advice, several good points to get me thinking there. I am one mother who got nothing in financial settlement as everything was well hidden from his name or reasons why it was not deemed that I could get any. and also cause of reasons including a family trust in my name which I do not recieve till my parents have both passed on - CSA want info on this too, I've left that to accountant and lawyer to look into for me as it is not income or asset till my parents pass on.
I am a 2nd time self starter as I see it termed alot (everything I own and earn is on my hard work, as above got nothing when left and started business after), I would love to know what the potential earning capacity is as ex quit his job and now apparently works full time but for less than the dole.

I'm not one to argue with CSA, I pay up and put up with it but trying to get blood out of a stone now for income that doesn't exist is ridiculous.
Faith, sorry to hear you are being treated like so many men, that is, treated as a cash cow with a total disregard for the facts of life and income.

I disagree with those who claim CSA workers do not know about business income. Like the saying; treat a judge like a child, lead them by the hand in the direction you want them to go (stupid simple to use the management term). CSA work on take what they can and plead error in defence, that is,  add it back and see if you will appeal their decision.

If the Trust is not declaring you and you are not declaring any financial reward from the Trust you may be nominated as a recipient beneficiary of after deceased estate settle has been settled means the Trust is a 3rd Party and proper Notice with time to object to the demand for Trust information IS REQUIRED. Even the ATO need leave of all Trustees before they can demand financial information from a person not readily see able as a person receiving immediate taxable benefit from the Trust.

Intangible income like increased value of a property where the real value, after costs of disposal and division between interested parties cannot be properly assessed, I am assuming you are not a Trustee because that clouds the waters to some extent by placing a percentage of control in your hands.

Pay up and put up is what the majority do so these CSA workers continue doing this type of abuse of power until they hit an objection then they hand the objection to the next leave of assessment officer to keep that officer in work.

Ask them to quote the law that gives them the right to add back cost of sales, they cannot because cost of sales is not your income, in-fact, you are a mediator of a financial transaction between your supplier and the end purchaser.

CSA assessment on wages is on the taxable income not gross income of the wage earner so why are they trying to assess you on something they would not dare try on a wage earner.

Good luck,

faith - I did the same and let a C$A issue go as I was flat out preparing for trial. However 12 months later the ex did something about it and filed an application for more child support. To cut a long story short I filed for a Departure order in response and even though I received a better outcome than the ex, the Magistrate indicated that I would have been even more successful if I had acted at the time is was an issue. From this experience I would act now as you stand a better chance of succeeding.

After reading some of your other posts I think you have a number of good reasons to mount your own COA.

By the way what does the ex do?
I have been putting up and paying up because a lot of my suppliers are hobby businesses, I have personal reciepts from them and docket sheets of my own, even as they are hobby businesses - myself and the suppliers have all been above board with the ATO on this issue but I think thats how CSA came to their outcome as they are not actual businesses.
Guest - your right I am a beneficiery just couldn't think of the word before, it includes my parents homes/rental properties and a share in a business they run in partnership with others, I have no say till they are both gone and neither do siblings/other beneficeries til that time. It confuses me a lot which is why I have asked the lawyer and account to prepare everything for CSA on this issue.

Fairgo - thanks again for the advice, we have many issues going on right now not just with CSA, I hadn't applied for COA as even though other issues are involved, my ex is trying to say to the courts that CS is the reason why I am trying to get orders changed.

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