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CSA view on DNA testing

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OK my kids are in QLD and I have no contact. When I applied to Births, Deaths and Marriages for the four birth certificates I received three and a letter saying that a 2 years search showed that my youngest daughter was not registered in my last name or that of my X's. However, my X got the baby bonus so the child had to have a birth certificate. So she obviously registered under different names.

Now for the interesting part, the CSA will not recognise private DNA test results. They base who the mother and Father of the children are by the timeframe of co-habitation.

They will however accept a court ordered DNA tests result(s) under I believe section 105 or 107 of the Child Services Act.

Just for your info.

The above does not mean I have a beef with the CSA. In fact they have always been polite and helpful whenever I have needed to contact them. It is obvious that "private" DNA testing is open to tampering. Not that it would happen but even the slightest possibility needs to be eliminated. All my dealings with the CSA have been amicable and useful.

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