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CSA paying parent hiding money through business bank accounts

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I really need some advise on just what powers CSA, the link to the taxation office and the famliy law courts have.

The father of my child has a $0 tax return for 2006/2007, has no bank accounts in his name, no one knows who he works for, claims he borrows money off people to pay Non Agency Prescribed Payments that CSA have granted and lives the life of luxury travelling intersate, drives a BMW X5, grand home, etc.

He left me pennyless, spent all my super as he had a self managed super fund set up for both of us and I was unaware that he had it in a standard bank account.

Yet there is nothing anyone can do to help me, all I am told is the way he has done this is legal!!

Surely in this day and age if these departments really want to investigate they can dig up the facts, why wont they!!

It is obvious what he is doing but all I get is a "to bad, so sad"!!

I just dont believe in Karma, justice or the system!!

Can anyone help me….please?
its an interesting debate - the one about what is right and what the law says.

Everyone has been maintaining its all about the law, the rules,the system and so on - thats just the way it is. Thats what everyone told me for 12 years - and even berated me for being upset at losing everything and having the financial lives of me and my children ruined. So welcome to the club.

So the model is then - to change the law - or seek to fix the system (or both)

I don't know who has told you what about 'legal' - but as you can guess from some of the posts from this site 'legal' is not always a straightforward concept either.

So then the question is really about what steps you can take.

Examine the CSA info on this site - including the law and process stuff. You may need to go through objections, SSAT and courts and so on. At the end of the day - if you make your case - present your evidence and ask for a judgement - they will tell you how the system works and what is legal in their view.

ATO has dob ins - you can ring them (its classically ex wives who ring)  and suggest there is evidence he is not declaring income - they may investigate him. If they determine he has income - then that affects what CSA do. CSA may be able to determine their own income level (and hence CSA amount) but it would be defensible by him if this was vastly different from his Tax position.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough

CSA investigates

To the guest - the first thing I recommend is joining the site. I recently had a conversation with the CSA, about two cases similar to yours. There are things they can do. We would require more details of your case. Note we will only help if you join.


Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas. 
Under the new and now introduced legislation. If a parent has a taxable income of less than the maximum standard Parenting Payment Single and is not on income support, then what is called a fixed assessment should/can be applied.

The fixed assessment amount is approximately (over now) $20 per week per child for up to 3 children (maximum of $60 per week). However the problem with this is collection/enforcement. If the CSA can find no details to identify the person's employer or bank accounts then it is hard for them. They may take measures such as a departure Prohibition Order, that stops the person leaving the country.

Perhaps you should contact the CSA again, ask about having the fixed assessment being applied and a departure prohibition order. However the latter depends upon there being a liability debt, so that may have to wait until one accrues and it can be shown that the other parent has persistently and without reasonable grounds, failed to pay the debts.

You can find out more by referring to Part 5.2.10 of The Guide, with regard to DPO's, whilst Part 2.4.11 covers Fixed Annual Rate (the result of a fixed assessment).
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