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CSA keeps upping payments when nothing has changed

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So Nov 2010 my husband quit his job to move over seas with me, he let CSA know and they said he still had to pay $31 a month, so basically I get to pay it for him as he is a stay at home dad. No biggy I would rather not pay a dime since birth mom refuses to let him be involved for years now another story there.

So his dad had power of attorney while he was in US with me and he filed taxes then CSA went up to $240 a f/n which I don't understand because he had no job and already was paying CS on that money earned. So we didnt know this so CSA just kept yanking money from his account here and there when his dad would put it in for birthday presents and such for the other kids (we have a total of 5 with us here).

So we get back to AU and have no jobs. We live with his parents until we can get on our feet, just waiting for my visa to switch to a bridging one and get the no working lifted.

So after many phone calls they reduced his CS payments to $100 something a month and remove $300 something from the arrears, we explain once again that there is no income so we get a letter saying we only have to pay $31 a month, so why can the arrears not be wiped totally nothing has changed in his income since he reported he had no job so why did we rack up a debt?

We were paying the $31 a month for the year but racked up a debt when they upped the payments but they never should have been its not like they had to adjust because he didnt declare right the CS was being taken from his paychecks so what can we do?

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Thats normal for the CSA to do that, they love to take money but wont reduce debts.
Great system they have, its a fight the whole time to get them to change anything thats in our advantage.

Someone else here may be able to help with your question.
I think that the problem was that the tax return was not followed by an estimate of income and thus that the taxable income and thus the formula used without consideration of the fact that the liable parent had already notified the CSA of the changed circumstances. However, I think that the fault may be considered to be with yourselves as you perhaps didn't submit an income estimate for 2011-2012. It may be that the arrears are due or partly due to the previous income estimate being reconciled. The statements from the CSA should explain what is owed for what.

As for arrears not being wiped. They become a debt to the commonwealth and are very hard to get wiped if they every could be. It is know that the CSA still have debts owed by the deceased that they are unable to wipe and that such debts.

If the CSA have acted wrongly and thus you have accrued debt wrongly then you could have a chance to claim for those through the CDDA scheme (Compensation for Detriment due to Deficient Administration).


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Under the CSA formula, there are increases built in as a child get older. There was no mention of the child(ren)'s age. This may also be a reason for the increase.
I agree with MikeT, the increase is likely due to the submission of the tax returns and no estimate of income swiftly following them.

You should be able to clear this all up with an estimate and reiterating your circumstances. Do it asap as they only backdate stuff from when you tell them.

The increase in CS happens when a child turns 13.
oh sorry he is 7 so I assume when he turns 8 and deadbeat mom HAS to work or lose some of her welfare the payments should go down as she will then have income? we have called and called its old they are so stupid and never listen we told them way back when it first got bumped up and have been telling them for a long time

thanks guys
oh sorry he is 7 so I assume when he turns 8 and deadbeat mom HAS to work or lose some of her welfare the payments should go down as she will then have income?
All centrelink can do is force the mother to look for employment or study for 15 hours pw. They cannot force her into taking any job, all she has to do is claim the job is unsuitable if she doesn't want to work. Hopefully she chooses to be employed. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I think all single parents with school aged kids should at least be doing work for the dole if they can't find employment. 
Ugh well no the whole reason she had the child was to sit on welfare and not have to work.  :dry:
On PPS, when your child reaches 8, your payment gets changed to Newstart though which is a much reduced rate. Considering how much kids cost, I really don't think having a child is a way to the high life unless the other parent is a millionaire or something. Since you have said in this thread that your husband pays $31 a month child support, I dont think the mother would be living the high life. PPS and FTB plus rent assistance for one child would be around $1084 a fortnight. Cheap rent for a 2 bedroom house is about $200 a week. Doesnt leave much! Especially when you have a child with special needs.
meh he was making good money when she targeted him, prob figured that he would be giving her 100's a month on top of the other, he was paying something like $300 a fortnight when he was working and when she got pregnant it was before the 8 year old law so she figured she had a good ride I guess Karma hurts I suppose.
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